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Buenos Dias, Bonjour, orÖ Hi

It is far past time that I updated thisÖ And if I werenít procrastinating (I really donít want to do the dishes), I probably wouldnít be. Eh, who knows. Obviously, Iím back from Spain in one piece and, I must say, much culturally richer, although I canít say improved. Disenchanted is the only thing Iím currently working on (19/9/03). Iíve uploaded parts three and fourÖ but whether or not it works is another question. My computer completely died on me for a while, so itís only under the extreme goodwill of my friend that I even have a functioning piece of equipment at the moment. He is my hero.

Youíre still welcome to check out my LiveJournal here if youíd like, but as Iíve realized that my life isnít that interesting, Iím not updating it very much. That whole ďIt will help me writeĒ fantasy turned out to be just that Ė a fantasy. Then again, maybe Iíll feel compelled to pour out soon not-to-be private thoughts all over the thing.

Motivation is still definitely a problem. I started graduate school this year, so Iím doing a lot of reading and papers. Generally when I want to unwind, itís not by writing. I will be continuing Disenchanted until itís done, though Iím currently working out some kinks that might take awhile. Iíve just stopped making promises. ;)

I think eventually I might try to add something even more fun to the page, but itís going to take me awhile to figure out what that something fun is, so please, bear with me. In the meantime, feel free to make fun of what is here (stories, art, whatever). Really, I wonít get offended.



A little bit about this pageÖ Linked on the left you will find a few different things, some of them interesting, some of them not. I recommend the quotes, especially if you know me personally, because there are some pretty funny and random things that have been said by people you may very well know. The quotes get updated frequently, and except for the stories, they're about the only things that are. I also recommend that you check out the links, if there's anything at all on this page that appeals to you (for example, the writing). There are three phenomenal writers linked (Iíve added another), so go and look.

But at any rate, if you are here, enjoy the site and feel free to let me know what you think in the forum, as the whole process of setting up a guestbook is beyond meÖ Or maybe not, because I just did it. Clearly I know only very, very basic coding, learned during a bout of intense procrastination. It was, incidentally, that same procrastination that led me to switch my majors until what I've decided to study looks nothing like what I started out studying. I'm happy, and that's all that matters, right? Nevermind if I won't be able to get a job.

Also, in case you've not noticed, I've not quite finished with the pictures section. Not all of the links I want up are there. I'm not the most motivated person, although I do prefer to do this as opposed to homework or being at work. Road trips to the beach or some other random and obscure part of the country (usually decided at the last minute) will prevent me from working on it. Eventually, I really do intend to have exciting things up, butÖ That really doesn't mean it will happen.


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