Maxwelloween 2003

Christine, Tomas, and I at Robert's house... Tomas and I spent mad time playing with fake blood, in case you couldn't tell. It was the best time I've ever had with red dye...

Zdravko and Marco. Big shock; neither of them chose to dress up. At least Marco bought a mask, but Z decided  to come to the party as a Bulgarian... Which would have been fine had it actually been a costume. ;)

Me arresting my chicas. Ioana and Nadia are awesome, in  case that's not been mentioned previously. Ioana, for those of you who don't know her and therefore wouldn't be able to guess, came as her boyfriend. Nadia elected not to dress up so she could laugh at those of us who did. ;) 

Z and I. Not much to be said here, but let me make one final dig about the fact that he's not in  costume... Damned Europeans (which only applies  when talking about Z).

Yeah, so you can't really tell that it's Sapan under the black thing, but whatever. He mentioned repeatedly that he was supposed to be The  Phantom Farmer, not a beekeeper, as was popularly assumed.


Monique and I. She looks great as Catwoman, but I wish you could tell that I'm supposed to be a stripper. It would make  the picture so much more exciting...   

Ioana, Nadia, and Mike. Mike and I were law officials together, but as far as I know, I'm the only one who actually arrested anyone...

Faiyas and Michelle. I was quite excited about Faiyas' 70s pimp costume, as it fit him perfectly (in the sense that Faiyas would make a great  pimp, not in the sense that his clothes fit).

Kasey, Robert, and Tomas. Robert's wig was the best ever... I arrested Kasey later on, and it wasn't even  for molesting small children. It was pretty exciting to slap handcuffs on a priest. 

Kalina (the better half of the Bulgarian population in  Maxwell) and I. Her mask was awesome, though you can't really see it here.

Z, me, Martin, Luci, Marco, and Micah. Luci's outfit was absolutely adorable, and Martin looked too cool. I believe Z and Marco have already been commented on.

Way too many photos of me here (we all know how much I hate those), but I guess there's not really much to be done about it now. I guess I'll survive.