Okay, so this page is seriously outdated. While I do still talk to some of these people, itís rare or uncommon, for various reasons Iím not getting into. Itís not worth it, believe me, especially since I care so little anymore (On a side note, Iím not promoting apathy, just experiencing it). But since the link is here and most of these guys have meant something to me/been a friend in the past (and may well still be), I figured I might as well put up the photos. Itís not like itís going to hurt anything, plus it wastes space. Iím not sure where Iím going with this, so never mind. Just look at the photos. Or donít. I really donít care.


And have I mentioned that I love alphabetical order lately?

















The Fourth Floor Guys



Yeah, and on that note, I donít feel like commenting on any of these pictures. At least theyíre finally up, right?



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