Right... So here we have yet another attempt at original fiction, which may or may not go anywhere, as I will shortly be in Spain. Really, I can forego writing and updating the web page for that, if needs be. Anyway, hopefully I will continue to write this -- it will be only my second full length anything of original work, simply because I get bored easily. I start stuff, but donít finish it. Iím hoping that will change this time. Oh, and this is a working title, subject to change, etc. Donít be surprised if it does.





Chandle Holden doesnít believe in true love. Itís a myth, a fantasy -- something seen in cheesy romance films. But when she meets Austin Jeffries, all her theories go flying out the window. Thereís only one little problem...


What if the only thing standing between you and true love is everyone and everything?



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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