In case you were curious, most of these were probably completed because I was really bored, or my grades were threatened (such is the beauty of taking creating writing classes not for what you get out of them, but because you have to turn things in), or I was held at knifepoint by evil, unsympathetic friends. Well, maybe not knifepoint, but I’d like to briefly point out that if weren’t for Mi’s haranguing, Bleeding Hearts would still be sitting stagnant. As for the others... Chalk it up to needing the grade.


And in no particular order, except alphabetic, because I just randomly decided that would be a good idea, here are the completed stories:





Sebastien, a human, has been in love with Anna for years. When he meets his soulmate Ianthe, Anna has to convince him that he needs her, not Anna. But no matter what she tells him, the last thing he wants to do is listen.


Bleeding Hearts


Cameron Aderyn has spent her life waiting to die, ever since she was little, when her soulmate told her he was going to kill her. Somehow she survived this far, but now her soulmate and his twin are back... And she’s wondering which one will get her first.




This was written for English class, but also for a little boy I met while volunteering. He was special, to say the least, and I wish he were here to read it.




Short something, written a long, long time ago. As you can probably tell by the title, it has something to do with a dragon.


Fallen Angel


She is cold and she is cruel; she will destroy you if she has the chance... because she knows what it is like to be destroyed.




When Dare Drache starts at a new school, the last thing he expects to find is his soulmate, an unattractive half-breed named Tierney Anderson. He scorns her openly, but she'll find some way to make him see her as a person... Until something goes wrong.

Kethry’s Story


Kethry's people are dying from a sorceror's curse. She cannot help them without help from a dragon, whose kind were put to sleep centuries ago...






The law said that Iakobos Katsaros could not tell his soulmate about the Nightworld, but it was by choice that he left. Sixty years later, Océane DuFeu has only a photo by which to remember the boy who promised to love her forever. But the law only works to a point, and even those with the most resolve won’t always stay away.


She Dreams


A short, non-linear story following Kaitlin Fairchild through a life-time of memories, not all of them good. Written for English class and dealing partially with child-abuse, it’s something you can take the way you want. Feel free to interpret it to your liking.


The Top 5 Phrases Guaranteed to Piss a Debtor Off


This is what happens when I get bored at work.




I would adore hearing what you think of these (with the exception of BH, because I hate it anyway)!



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