A small, mini-series type thing that occurred in response to some things some people said to me at various points in time. No, these are not directed at anyone specific, blah, blah, blah. I had to put that up there for my own sake, but I know some people think their name should be plastered at the top of these, so Iím not going to bother compounding that. Iím just going to stick them up and be quiet. Really.


I swear.


Besides, they speak for themselves, though are open for interpretation.




This was written in response to something someone said, not intended for anything specific. Take it how you like. Most people who read it do anyway.




Sort of a play off Shadows... Again, how you take it is up to you; hopefully it will apply to you in some way or you will at least be able to relate to it. If not, Iím not sure it has any more purpose than as a way for me to ramble.




The third and final thought on choices. I think moving on is a good thing, for several reasons, especially things like people taking whatever personally. Itís really just not worth it.



And then two other random things, peppered with disclaimers, and for the one, as if a disclaimer wasnít enough, I had to add a note. Pathetic, isnít it?Some people cannot leave well enough alone.









Finally, last but not least, a random little thing written in very bad French. I doubt you can read it anyway (even if you know French, because it really is incomprehensible). Nonetheless, here it is...






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