Boag, I've really got to bust it out…

Sounds like an innocuous phrase, doesn't it? I mean, seriously, how serious can busting be? It's amazing how easy this phrase makes really important, difficult conversation flow. Let's use an example just to make it easier for everyone to understand. Despite the simplicity, some people just do not get "boag" or "busting it out."

So, just to make this simple, let's play pretend. Meet Erica, a 20-year-old college student (and in light of recent time spent with some rather flaming people, we'll specify that she's a girl). She, like many of us, is completely and utterly disillusioned with the male population. And why not? Relationships are like rollerblading. You can glide gracefully around the park all you want, but as soon as you stop paying attention, you're going to end up flat on your face and in my case, accidentally eat a bug.

But that's not relevant.

Erica has recently met an attractive, older male. Yay for her. Being that she's still an optimist, she has high hopes for any future interaction. They chat, they spend time together… but still this is not going where she wants. What does she do? She tells him, "Boag, I've really got to bust it out."

And things glide smoothly from there, until she finds out that he only wanted her for sex. Go figure.

On the plus side, "busting it out" sped up this process admirably. Instead of sleeping with him, she found out that was all he wanted. Of course, if it took busting it out to make her realize this about most of the male population, she's got a lot to learn anyway. That's another rant all together, so we're just going to veer away from that.

Busting it out accomplishes quite a few things. First of all, it introduces complete honesty into any relationship, whether that be friend, husband (wife), or sex toy. Take your pick. I'm not you, so I can't really say. Regardless of who it is, it makes things ever so simple. I'm generally an honest person. You'll know exactly how I feel about you when I'm feeling it… and the fact that my feelings change on a second to second basis will be ignored for the purpose of this writing. Besides, indecision really doesn't affect busting it out in any way, otherwise I doubt I would be writing this.

Second, it cuts out the games. Don't get me wrong; games are fun. I play them with an alarming frequency. As long as the games don't include Russian roulette or skateboarding off a roof (Yes, I do know someone who has done this), you're probably okay. On the same hand, they get old. And so we go back to the honesty issue… and make a circle. Not one of the things I was trying to accomplish, but we'll work with this.

Third, busting it out simplifies things beyond belief. You would be amazed at how much easier the phrase makes simple interaction. Although I'm not sure how this works, telling someone those eight words makes what you want to tell them so much clearer.

However, keeping these three points in mind, my roommate did call my attention to some times when busting it out is just not appropriate. "Boag, I've got to bust it out. I'm pregnant!" is not an accepted use of the phrase, especially if your boyfriend is a high-ranking gang member. That might get you shot.

Please try to bear things like this in mind before you bust.

With a few possible exceptions (like the ones I've listed), busting it out is generally a good thing. It prevents frequent visits to the Bitter Barn (although in some cases, it may hasten the journey there and cause even more frequent stays) and allows you to move on. Since I'm an extraordinarily impatient person, moving on is important to me, as you would guess if you ever had to talk to me on the phone. I move on a lot, although this is more because I have the attention span of a two-year-old than because I actually enjoy a change in conversation. We all have our issues to deal with.

And to the point -- if there ever was one (we're going back to that "let's play pretend" thing) -- if it's something important or even something completely irrelevant and ridiculous, bust it out. In the end, what's it going to hurt? Either you win or lose the game, the issue, or the relationship now or you win or lose it later. After everything is over, the same thing will probably occur. And if it doesn't, it happened, so you deal with it and move on. I've never had a terrible experience with busting it out. The odds are generally in your favor (and occasionally, you shock them enough that you get your way regardless).

If nothing else, busting it out lends the situation humor value. Just don't say something like, "Boag, I've got to bust it out. I burned down your house." That might be more painful than it's worth.



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