Hola, and welcome to the story I wish Iíd burned in a pit of fiery tar. Well, maybe nothing that drastic, but still itís definitely on my list of ďThings I would prefer to be destroyed.Ē I suppose thatís not fair, as it does have itís moments, but... Ah, well. Iím just going to shut up. Itís done, and thatís whatís important, níest-ce pas?



Bleeding Hearts


Cameron has spent her life waiting to die, courtesy of her soulmate, who has killed her in every past life sheíshad. Except for one. Now he and his twin have found her, tracking her through yet another life. She has to find a way to escape him, to stay alive even though heís out to kill her...


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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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