About me...


Well, I should be at work right now, but instead I skipped out on that so I could write the five-page paper I have due in EspaŮol tomorrow. Which Iím ignoring to put up a bio. Eek. I should work on this procrastination thing.


I am a twenty-one year old college student at West Virginia University, although I will soon be disappearing into the great unknown of Spainís maritime shores. Iím majoring in French, Spanish, and Communication Studies, and will probably not be able to get a job once I graduate, hence the reason Iím going to grad school. People think I have ambition, but I really just donít know what I want to do with my life. I have vague hopes of traveling and speaking one of the languages Iíve spent so much time learning, but in reality, I donít have a clue.


Right, so upon completing my semester in Spain next spring, I will be entering graduate school. Since Iíve not yet applied to any programs (though I did get off my lazy ass and start the applications), Iím not sure which one. Or if theyíll even accept me. If they donít, I plan to move to England and live in a box, where I will stalk some outrageously gorgeous English guy. I already know the box will be cold and probably disintegrate, but Iím willing to work with this. Assuming I do get accepted into grad school, Iíll be going for International Relations. And again, I have no idea what one does with a degree of this type. Iíll figure that out when it becomes an issue.


Iím originally from Pennsylvania, though I now live in West Virginia, so close to campus that I can touch university property if I should choose to do so. I usually donít, as the contamination from the river could get scary. Youíve got to love the toxic water flowing through your backyard. I spend a lot of my time writing, even more time procrastinating, and another large chunk working. And when Iím not doing that, Iím probably off with friends (Yes, I do have these).


I have nothing else to say, so maybe Iíll go write that paper now.



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