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Why I'm becoming a breatharian
What breatharianism means to me...

... as well as how it began and where I am with it right now.
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Breatharianism is something that came upon me. It was never something I chose at start or even understood. For a long time, I was fighting against it, denying it, but suffering as I did this. In the end, I had to give up and be without eating. And, I couldn't be happier!

How I grew up
I grew up like most people. Our economy was good, so food was never scarce. Mum would buy us any food we wanted, and I felt great joy in going with her to the food stores to pick out anything I wanted. Shopping for food was like Christmas every time. I spent my money on sweets, just like most children like to do. Mum cooked the traditional Swedish meals, and I grew up to like that food very much. And like many people, I hated vegetables and refused to eat any. I could take any amount of servings I wanted, or leave food on the plate. I was blessed with the best food conditions one can have.
Every year for my birthday, I wanted my very own cake of my favorite kind, whereas guests, family and friends could share a second one. For Christmas our family gathered for a great meal after which we always according to tradition complain about having eaten too much. I had my breakfast every morning. I had my lunch ever noon. I had a little something when I got home from school. And I had my dinner. I suffered my frequent colds and fevers without complaining.
I never gave much thought of what I ate. Food was a taste sensation, and eating was fun and something that wasn't given much thought. Food simply "was". I have never been overweight. Nor have I been underweight. I was happily unaware of the way Western eating habits destroy the health, is costly, damaging to environment, or that it harms animals and wildlife. In other words, I was just like any other when it comes to food.

When it all changed
I was 16 when one day as I was enjoying a piece of grilled meat, it all would change for the rest of my life. After that day I would never again be like other people when it comes to eating and nourishment. I became dizzy, the room looked white and as if it were moving, my arms and legs felt heavy. This had never happened to me before. And I knew that the meat had caused it.
The amazing and unbelievable discovery: food has impact on people! I used to think, like everyone, that as long as I keep my stomach full it keeps me alive, and illnesses and ageing are all normal. Now I saw the connection! I realized that the dizziness, weakness and palpitations I would get just before lunch time almost every day, had a connection with dairy products. If I had yoghurt or milk for breakfast, I would feel weak later that day, whereas days when I had something else for breakfast, I would feel fine. Not knowing what else to do, I of course stopped eating meat and dairy products. Who chooses or wants dizziness, palpitations or other discomforts?
I made yet another discovery: there was such a thing as vegetarianism! And even veganism! I excluded all foods that came from animals, and ate now only vegetable foods. I lived this way for about two years and noticed that I felt better than I had done ever before. But it is difficult being vegan. People don't understand what it is or why one would choose such a lifestyle. For me it was never by choice. I simply didn't want to feel sick from eating.

Finding breatharianism
One day I came across the title of Jasmuheen's book: "Living on Light". That changed my life yet another time. I had never encountered anything of the sort! There it was, a few words, it touched something deep inside that I didn't know existed. From then on, I knew where I had been headed. And I knew what I was.

Breatharianism or not
The idea of breatharianism felt so good and wonderful! It was what I wanted. I then started to think about how to acchieve breatharianism. How to stop eating, and reach the state that I was already automatically moving toward? I looked at different methods, the 21-day process, fasting, gradual weaning off from foods... oh, and none of this felt right! So with time, I waited, as hunger gradually let go.
But it was in no ways simple. I started to feel very guilty of having found this something that made me so happy, healthy and living, when no one else could find the same. This was one of the reasons I began to fight against my natural process toward breatharianism. I also did not want to become different. Having been vegan, I knew from experience how people could be treated just for eating differently. I wanted people to see me as just the person I am. I started to deny breatharianism, and became the greatest sceptic you can imagine!

But I couldn't set aside breatharianism, or the discoveries I had made of eating, food, nutrients, and myself. The traditional eating beliefs were incorrect, yet I denied breatharianism, somehow thinking that this would ensure that I never become 'different'. I started to study about the subject, to find proof of breatharianism. I got all the books I could find about ageing, nutrients, foods, eating, health, disease, searching for the truths about food. A lot of thinking, questions, research, led me to many discoveries. I still want to know everything about breatharianism, and haven't stopped researching about it. My goal is to become a nutritions chemist and do 'professional' research on these topics!

*My hunger is completely gone. I have no physical need of food- or drink-source nutrients.
*I can think of no foods that interest me.
*I very rarely feel thirst, if so, then usually two tablespoons of water.
*If I eat I feel bad. When not eating, I feel wonderful!!

Today September 18
Oh my, what to do. There are no foods that interest me! I never denied hunger or any wanting of foods. Hunger and food pleasure slowly slipped away and I find that it is gone and nowhere in sight! Very often I think to myself going through all possible food items in my mind to see if the body could possibly eat it. But no. I am soon in a state of happy panic - I can not eat!

In some ways I have denied my way through when moving toward breatharianism. Being a little afraid to look at what's happening. I'm a very open person toward myself. What I have done during the years is to eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I could have, finding that my interest in food simply slips away.

So what do I eat and drink, and how much?
This is what people usually ask me, or what they are wondering about even if they do not ask. Today, September 18, I am nearing a kind of pleasant shocking panic as I find that I can not think of hardly any foods that I like! On an average day I try to drink some water or juices, but keep diluting the juices more and more with water because I don't like any tastes. And usually water doesn't give me anything that I would need. As for eating, I can live with swallowing some fruit, but one teaspoon of fruit is enough, I then feel that I know its taste and feeling and have had enough! But then there are things that I could consider eating, and this is ALL that I could eat: raw sushi fish, chicken, peanuts, fruit (most sorts), some cold soups or fruit soups. I don't know what to do! I am happy to say that food and drink is moving out of my life. It is still something very new for me to get adjusted to. I don't quite know what more to say about the situation.

How I feel?
I feel great. I am doing a lot of adjusting and thinking, so it will take time to fully realise the situation. As for physically, it shouldn't sound too strange to say that I grow younger and healthier all the time, yes at the age of 19!

Things that I wrote earlier:
April 24 2002 Wonderful news! I find that I am almost a breatharian already. In fact, I may already be one. Perhaps time will tell. I notice that my hunger is completely gone, at all times.

May 2 2002 Things have changed quickly. The change has been automatic and piece by piece, and I did not notice it until now that I see how things have changed comparing to how it was only a few weeks ago. My hunger is absolutely completely gone, at all times. My stomach never grumbles, I never think of food or mealtimes, and any food that is offered to me or that I think of is not appealing in any way. I don't eat.
I go an entire day without eating. I show absolutely no signs of starvation or hunger. I am not cold. I am not tired. I am not weak. My stomach never grumbles. I have no stomach pains. I am not anxious. I have experienced hunger and starvation before (like in the past when I had to skip breakfast some day eg if I were traveling early in the morning). I am absolutely ok. But do I still eat? Little. Only when I'm bored and the old habit makes me eat a little something because it lets me take my mind off things for a while. But even that is about to change.

June 7 2002 I do not worry as much as I used to. I used to worry about people's reactions but got sick and tired of letting that limit my life. To my amazement, I find that just by being confident in my breatharianism, people don't object. People accept! But I still dislike talking about it with people. My eating or not eating is a personal thing I do not wish to explain or discuss with anyone.

How did it come to this? If I do eat, I get sick. This has been a problem for so long now. When I eat 'normal amounts of normal food' I wake up at nights and am seriously dehydrated even though I drink adequate amounts of water. And after having woken up like that I can't fall asleep again. I have also been suffering from poor digestion of foods, the body simply rejects food in any way it can. Frequent fevers and colds and constant tiredness if I eat. I saw a doctor and demanded that I'd be tested, as something truly was wrong. They found nothing wrong. But then I realized that I had no appetite to foods, and stopped eating. And got better.
I don't consider myself having a choice whether to become a breatharian or not. The change has happened by itself. I believe to be a breatharian already, even though I eat now and then for various reasons that are not based on hunger. Very soon I'm giving it a chance by not eating and seeing how it goes. More about my becoming a breatharian

If anyone wants to share their own experiences of becoming a breatharian, I would gladly add more pages here! Send me an e-mail with your story. Find me at