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Various thoughts related to breatharianism
Various thoughts related to breatharianism

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Some of my theories end up becoming longer texts when I write to explain them. But other things, related to breatharianism, don't need pages of text to be explained. Here are a few of:

Don't wear sunglasses!
All autumn, winter and spring people in most countries long for the warm, sunny summers. But when it is summer, they put on their sunglasses, blocking the sun from their eyes. I've got the feeling that much of the sunlight enters our body through the eyes. (There was even a man who fasted for an entire year and claimed to stay alive by staring right into the sun at mornings!) So wearing sunglasses will block the sun from reaching your body. I sure never felt like wearing them!

Don't wear any glasses!
When eyesight starts to fail, it is because our eyes go out of focus. People correct this by wearing glasses or contact lenses that adjust the focus of the eyes. But what this does is make the eyes depending on that extra adjustment of the lightwaves that enter our eyes. As eyesight becomes normal with the use of glasses, the eyes 'lock into place' and become permanently or for a longer period of time, unfocused. Your body stops its natural recovery when it would try to adjust your eyesight back to normal. And you become permanently depending on something that isn't part of your biology. At the age of 13, my eyesight became much worse and I knew I needed glasses. Something told me I shouldn't, and I didn't, and instead I worked on healing my eyes back to focus. And it worked.

Don't wear thick fabrics such as jeans!
I never liked jeans, didn't know why though. The answer came to me recently: jeans are of such a thick, dense material that much of the needed light, sunlight and prana is unable to reach your skin. Aspiring breatharians, never wear jeans!

Don't go to a solarium!
Getting an artificial tan can be tempting, especially if you are pale. But especially if you are pale, you should leave it that way and let it change naturally! Sunlight contains a lot of wavelengths which combine with substances in your body to manifest nutrients, such as the well known vitamin D. Solarium only emanates specific types of rays, which are above all instable ones. It doesn't give you the nutrients that sunlight would. And when you are tan, less of the natural sunlight can reach you and you will starve of well needed nutrients. Eg. making you age. See more on Skincolor.

Hats block light intake
Another thought of mine is that since most of the light which nourishes the breatharian that lives of light, flows in from on top of the head, wearing a hat or in other ways covering the head, partly blocks this inflow.