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Update 2010
Update Breatharianism 2010

Written December 1 2010
I was 17 when I discovered Breatharianism, and I was 19 when I wrote this website. I was 19 and later 21 when I toured Poland giving Breatharian talks. I then disappeared from the Breatharian movement and was not to be found by its followers for several years. During those years I have been working on my career. I entered college to study Chemistry and Physics, and devoted myself to the strictly conventional science track. Light has always encaptivated me, in these early years in Breatharianism and my own formulating of a study and application of light. I now study the science of Light professionally using empirical scientific methods, and will emphasize my career as a research scientist on the various interaction between the human body and light, and intend to design new technical equipment that uses structured light in various medical application. I have not abandoned my love for light, only I have taken that love from the pseudoscientific and into the scientific, finding that there is a whole field of professional science devoted to the study and applications of light, relying on truth and actual observable outcome and backed up by the most advanced technological support available. I am now 28. I still have ten more years before I have finished with all of my degrees. My research in the interaction of light and matter has already begun.

Science expects me to shun away all my past in the pseudosciences and Breatharianism and to discard these altogether. I could say, that the study of light-body interaction was an interest of mine which I found in a time early in life when it had not been given to me from outside. I was thinking up concepts of light-body interaction before I even knew that such a scientific field exists. I do excuse my past within the pseudosciences of light with it being my early attempts and independent intuitive discovery of medical optics, making it something to be proud of, indicating my aptitude and devotion to the study of light. Like babysteps before I had learned to walk. Had there not been a field for the scientific study of light, I would have been one of the pioneers to give us one. Instead I discover this field of science and I merge with it.

Yet, after years of trying to forget about Breatharianism and the conceptual as opposed to the scientific study of light that this is, and being swamped in a world where such does not exist and where it is easy to forget, I find myself being drawn to this again. Because, although Breatharianism is not a scientific topic, we do not conduct scientific experiments, or base our assertions and observations on scientific methods, and Breatharianism is not science, it is still the many things that science is not. While the scientific approach to light exemplifies the mutually objective and experimentally or theoretically verifiable facts of light, Breatharianism rather is the artistic, poetic, spiritual and personal encounter of light. This pseudoscientific study of light, filled with personal anecdotes, hypotheses that do not allow themselves to be extracted from the personal human experience to be verified by any and all observers, yet it has some of the many things that science does not concern itself with. The beauty and spiritual religious experience of light, and the many gifts of consciousness and life found in this pseudoscientific practice Breatharianism.

Many scientists are Atheists. They do not believe in a God and do not follow any religious teachings. They pride themselves in the void of a higher cause, a spiritual development or self-realization, they enjoy the purely physical factual experience of themselves and of the world. They do not give themselves to believe in an afterlife. But I will belong to one of the still several scientists that do choose a religion and a spiritual life, to enjoy its gifts and blessings, for how it changes the way I feel, the quality of my everyday life, and for how beautiful it makes my interpretation of the world beyond the scientific fact. And, as a religion, it remains something that is mine and personal, that does not detract from my skills or aptitude as a scientist. To me, the appreciation of a religion such as my chosen Breatharianism, is a similar joy as the appreciation of love, the poetic artistic experience of music, poetry or art, similarly not scientific topics nor purely empirical or mutually objective. It adds a beauty to my experience of self, others, the world, that science simply does not offer. Thereby, I claim that Breatharianism and science are compatible for a human. One will be my career, the other remains my religion.

I am just as much in love with light as I ever was. It was foolish of me to ever think that science could suffice as my only expression and experience of light, as it is from my inspirational sources that I derive all of my research ideas in my scientific career in light.

I plan on beginning to write on this website again, however it will take a more scientific and medically ethical approach from now on. I have been writing on a book and it will be published eventually. The only thing keeping me from publishing now are ethical restrictions with regard to safety, which I need to consider on these editing stages. This is, although a most beautiful practice, unattainable by some.

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