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Star People
Star People

Star People are humans with a recent past (lifetime) on another planet. With human bodies, born and rased as one of us, in spirit still being who they were before entering this world of ours. They are here, to not forget who they are. To remember, and realise the reasons of their stay. There are many Star People in this world today. Many of them have forgotten their past and origins, and have questions unanswered...

A Star Person
To understand what a Star Person is, one must also understand the concepts of reincarnation and extraterrestrial life.

While we are usually very occupied with our busy lives here on Earth, without us realising, life exists in worlds beyond our own planet. Civilisations have formed, worlds much older than our own. People of various forms, living their lives. Communities, having developed science, architecture, languages... lives they share together amongst their kind on their worlds. There is also a lot of communication between worlds. Earth has for long been left outside of this contact, for obvious reasons.

Many people, born on other planets, happen to look up to the skies, wondering, about the other forms of life out there. Wondering, about people such as we on Earth. What life is there, beyond our own? There is much concern about other worlds, beings forming communication between worlds, caring for one another, and learning from one another. Now and then the topic arises, what shall be done with planet Earth? Great concern is felt to the hatred, wars, pollution, cruelty toward plantlife, animals and ourselves, things we consider everyday and normal, which does not always exist in worlds that have reached a point of lovingness toward all forms of life, and understanding of the planets that they live on. Much thought is given to planets, such as ours.

Will you believe in reincarnation? Life did not begin when a human was born. And life will not end, when the body of a human will end its days. Life began, far ago, evolving, as it was born from body to other. One lifetime is far too little to learn all that there is to know. A problem is, that many will forget their incarnations pasts, believing, that this is all the life they have had, yet questioning, wondering...

When discussion arises in other worlds, many will feel great desire to help those in need. Many, wish to help us, in so many ways! And some, take the brave and loving selfless choice of act, to come here...

To come to Earth
The decision is made, they wish to help and will arrive to Earth to do so. They say goodbye to their loved ones, to their children, friends and family. They say goodbye to people of their own kind. One last look upon their homelands, they see the worlds that shaped them, one last time. Just a long look, and it will be remained within memory, an image of mother home, to last until they return. It is time to travel now. The distance between the planets. Most will board a spaceship. Some have never travelled beyond their planet before, it may be their first time away from home.

On arrival to planet Earth, they have had time to be informed of their following tasks. They know of the type of work they have got to do here, they have gotten knowledge of our planet, our way of life, and of us humans. What goes through in their minds? Courage comes from their desire to help. It is time for their incarnation. Their body is left behind, one last breath and they are on their way. They travel here, in spirit form, and approach the body that was chosen. They will incarnate into the unborn body of a human, a foetus, still growing, which has not yet received a soul to bring it life. The soul of the otherwordly visitor is received by the young body, the body becomes alive.

Birth follows. The extraterrestrial person has arrived, to Earth. But this is only the beginning...

Chilhood is often not easy. Their bodies are babies, while a moment ago before arrival, they had been grown! Not just that, this body is not themselves. It doesn't feel like they do, it doesn't look like they do. They belong to another type of form. Also, this body is now of a different race of being. They will not feel comfortable in their form.

The body of a baby struggles to form this spirit into theirs. To become what the designs of this body has in coding. They will very quickly lose their memories... Birth is painful, as it also can be for truly human newborn. But childhood will not be the same.

After the trials of foreign languages, getting accustomed to their bodies, dealing with our food that they are given, completely alien type of life, they eventually learn to speak. Many of them will quickly tell of their origins! These human children will talk about other planets, their previous selves, and of many things that will make the people around them question. Quickly, most are told right from wrong, that they are human, nothing else, and to stop talking about such nonsense.

Time goes, and a feeling of alienation grows inside of them. Questions, constantly, who are they, why are they here, where did they come from? Drawing alien worlds, remembering alien language, they will remember, but struggle with the pain of being unable to believe in this, as they are taught.

Many become depressed. Many do not adapt to our way of life. Some find it difficult to speak, some are unable to eat our foods (see my webpage Breatharianism). They will differ, and some will learn to hide this fact, having to adapt, having to be human, like everyone else... But they are not like everyone else. They are Star People, born from other worlds, reincarnations of otherwordly people. Some day they will remember, others never forgot.

Being a Star Person
Many will be doing the work that they came to do, without ever finding out that they came from the stars. There are those who have adapted wonderfully and never feel the longing. And those, who from time to time, go outside to gaze up toward the stars, and wonder.. Many Star People develop interests in science, environmental issues, and the esoterical or 'New Age'. Some of them are keen talkers about a wide variety of subjects, teaching, starting from a young age. Star People will usually be gentle, sensitive, and very conscious beings. They are people, carrying a great concern over our environmental problems, problems in health, human interaction, and much more. They wonder, why not most others notice the obvious?

Common among Star People
~Interest in otherwordly things, such as extraterrestrials, UFO's, space travels
~Feeling that they are different from others
~Usually interest in Ancient Egypt, Atlantis or other ancient civilisations - they have been here before!
~Many have easy to learn and are keen to learn, have interests in science
~Care for animals, Star People will notice animals when others do not think much of the presence of an animal
~Some will want to dress in some form of 'alien style' clothing
~Writing and speaking alien languages, or making up their own languages
~Many have seen UFO's and have alien contact
~May be telepathic and have other forms of 'psychic' senses as well
~Not always interested in eating, can be without hunger or are vegetarian
~Some are never interested in gossip, quarrels, or 'unimportant' daily talk and activities
~Many have special looking eyes
~An extraterrestrial radience, many will recognise one another
~Questions that can not be answered by humans, answers not found on Earth

I sometimes joke, and say, "Star People are like any other people, they just watch more science-fiction than others." ;)

From the Stars to you..

From birth you question "Where am I?"
you lost your home and all you knew
New life, they tell you how to live
you don't exist, and start to die

A world where no one sees your eyes
the mirror lies, each step is false
You learn to deny, to hate and forget
What is left of you, it slowly dies

What little memories you could keep
are taken from you, by each breath you take
Not believed, nor loved for who you truly are
Dear one from the Stars, you are asleep

Born to struggle, right from start
Where will life find itself once again?
You search for home but can never find,
Did you not know, your home is now in your heart?

A Star Person once said: "We're so human it hurts."

~~Na eth'er aa, ammre' en ank'aar'eith, d'emner'aa-, asd'reng'aather, em'n'err-aae...~

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