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Signs of possible unsuccess
Signs of possibly unsuccessful breatharian initiation at present

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Reaching a breatharian state means to undergo various physical and other changes, that initiate this new type of living. Glands will activate and strengthen, adapting the hormonal and chemical productions and endocrinal balances for breatharianism. The brain will reach a higher level of activation (it is estimated that average people have 9-11% of their brain active only, remainder being dormant!). Heart will lower its pulse and blood pressure, blood become thinner and change in composition. Liver activate and begin fluids and body fats production. Stomach and many parts of the digestive system de-activate slightly. And many more changes that occur in our physical body, but also changes in our emotional, mental and other.

Something obviously triggers these changes. And something definitely is needed to make this happen. It is not a matter of studying what make these changes, or how to acchieve them. It is in no ways an intellectual path, as it seems. We also see how so many people will start to starve, dehydrate, and become malnourished if they do not get foods. Even some who are attempting to reach a breatharian path, and thus have the right intentions, will not always be fully successful.

On this page, I will list some of the indicators that may be able to tell if a person has something still that is keeping them from reaching a breatharian initiation at this stage. I base the following on my personal experiences, where I have gone back and forth between full successful breatharianism and fought myself back to foods, and in this process been able to see what happens and what the results of several symptoms, thoughts, etc, will be. I have also spoken with several others on a breatharian path, read material on various perspectives on foods, eating and breatharianism. I have thus been able to form somewhat of an understanding where various signs are always or most often able to indicate that this person is going toward a non-successful breatharian initiation.

If you ever feel ashamed of eating or drinking
Some breatharian initiates will be very fond of the idea of reaching a way of life in which they do not eat or drink. They will have great motivation, inspiration and determination of reaching these goals. Yet, sometimes, for one reason or the other, they come across a craving for some type of food. Or feel hunger, which is a stronger form of craving which will lead to starvation if not solved. Or curiosity of the taste or feeling of a food. Or for any other reason, have the desire of eating or drinking something. If this happens, and you feel any guilt or shame toward your desire of eating, you are - according to my knowledge - more than likely to 'fail' a breatharian initiation while holding these feelings.

Cause: In one example, a desire to eat may be caused by an emotion such as anger, irritation, hatred, discust, sadness, or any other emotion which is created when there is something you do not fully understand. (When you do understand all things, and have full consciousness in each situation, you feel unconditional love and none of these emotions.) If you do not discover or solve these emotions, they will transform into hungers. If you in such a case feel guilt or shame for eating, you are in fact feeling guilt or shame for the emotion which manifested the eating. I have found, that in any case when there is a feeling of guilt/shame toward eating, hungers WILL appear. Guilt and shame are a form of emotional blockage, being defined a blockage since if you explore these feelings they will vanish with an increased knowledge, and be turned into a state of consciousness and love. Any non-physical (such as emotional) blockages you keep and deny, will be magnified and usually develop into hungers to get your attention. They also result in chakra blockage, and inactivation of DNA-system and light-system which are the two systems needed without exception for activation of living on light.

Solution: Realise your feelings, acknowledge the fact that you ARE feeling guilt or shame toward eating. Maybe you will also like to know that if you feel the guilt, food is going to be drawn to you and you to it, until you let go of the fears. If you have any emotion or thought (non-physical aspect) which is not of consciousness (in some ways you do not fully understand it), it is going to be manifested into physical material, such as food, so that this makes up for what you yourself do not handle. The quickest solution to this type of problem is to eat anything you feel a desire to, and to allow yourself to do this, while realising that it's just food. And there is nothing wrong with it. You can also try to develop a sense of demanding to eat anytime anything will make you feel that you are not allowed to do so.

There is nothing wrong with eating...

If you think breatharianism will make you better than everyone else
For successful breatharianism, it seems that you will have to develop a knowing that breatharianism is a most personal, intimate or even holy experience. It does not involve anyone else, as it happens in your body, in your soul. I have met a few who have the plans that once they are breatharian, they will be better than anyone else who eats. Warning! Serious problems that have without doubt blocked various of your centers which are required for full and safe activation of breatharianism!

Cause: If you think you need to become "better" in order to be as good as, or better than, others, you are at present feeling that you are 'not good enough'. First of all, you compare yourself to others, which is not a universal thing to do. What this means, is that you will not reach a universal consciousness in which breatharianism is one of its manifestations. (Why? What if everyone around you were not very conscious. Then if your goal is to become like they, you will not be reaching the goals of FULL consciousness, where breatharianism among other things are found.) .. In this case, you are also trying to make it ok to think that there is something wrong with you or something missing in you.

Solution: You have got to get in touch with your feelings of worthlessness. :(

There is nothing wrong with you, or with someone just because they eat...

There are also several other indicators that show that there are some blockages in you. Each are based on unconsciousness or unawareness of a problem. In many cases, the person is aware of their problems, but in denials, making up various excuses and reasons why it would be ok anyway. (I will add more signs, as there are several. Also elaborate on the topic more.)

Breatharianism is only activated once you have reached full self knowing. Sadly, or scary, for some, you will have to get to know yourself in a way you never before thought possible. You will go deep into all of your fears, problems, hatred, sadness, and deal with these and learn how and why to love yourself. It is not always easy. Often people will fight to defend the right to keep their problems. Many get adapted to a problem, for instance if people have shown disliking toward a person, that person is likely to develop the belief that there IS something wrong with him/her, and letting go of this, turning it around, can be very difficult, as it means having to acknowledge the pain. Many are raised to hate and deny ourselves. How often are we told not to do this or say that, until we end up being the ones who limit ourselves on our own. This behaviour must be broken.

As each of the hidden blockages, as well as those you are aware of, are dealt with, chakras strengthen, the light system activates, DNA-system becomes magnetic, and living on light is just the normal effect of this conscious living. Life will flow in you, as there are no longer any blockages to keep it closed.

It can sound simple, or not. All of my experience show, that if there is ever any (non-physical) blockage, it will result in its equivalent as a physical blockage. Resulting in hungers, physical imbalances (ranging from imbalances in blood, endocrinal system, heart, brain.....), ageing and the inactivation of DNA-system and light-system. Making full-scale breatharianism impossible.