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The process The process of becoming a breatharian

I will now get to how you can become a breatharian. Note that this is merely my personal approach, and I can only guide according to my present knowledge and experience. Your own intuition is superior when it comes to the great changes and tuning in which will occur in your body. I trust that you have already read through the warnings - here - and done your best to prepare for the changes that will occur. You must be able to take full responsibility for yourself, and want what is best for you.

I will soon add a page about detox. But in the mean time, read my page about fasting and find other pages about the topic as well as my page isn't complete yet.

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When are you ready for breatharianism? Note that this is merely my own approach. But if you are going to follow my guidelines of becoming a breatharian, you should also meet the requirements which come with it. Can you honestly say yes to each of the following?
When I wake up in the mornings, I have no hunger and don't even remember that it's breakfast time.
If I think about various kinds of food items, all types of foods I can imagine, I don't feel like eating any of them, I'm not even curious of the taste of foods. No, I'm actually quite bored of foods.
The thought of not eating for days and days does not make me anxious, it makes me happy and excited.
Usually I am never thirsty.
I have experienced water-fasting for at least five days in a row and that went perfectly fine.
If I get hungry, I do eat.
There is nothing wrong with me if I eat. It is not a failure, and I don't feel bad. I do anything that my body asks!
I only want what's best for me and my body.
Breatharianism would not make me superior, or better than others. I wouldn't even have the need to talk to people about it unless it is for them and I want to teach.
I can manage a normal social life in spite of the fact that I don't eat.
Even if I don't eat, I can live a normal life and am happy.
I sleep for less hours than I used to, usually for 7-5 hours. I fall asleep easily, and wake up perfectly refreshed.
I keep smiling all the time and can't help it!
My energy never ends, I am never physically tired although I do need rest at nights. And I am not exageratedly energetic either, it's just right.
I feel great.
I am happy.
I love myself for who I am, I can feel that my body is perfect, and I also feel unconditional love for others.
Nothing can get in my way when I know what's right for me, I won't be talked out of what's right.
And I do listen to other people when they say that I should eat... I don't let their belief get to me, nor do I force my belief on them.
If I say to myself "I am a breatharian." it feels right. Usually a soon-to-be breatharian feels excited, happy, and has butterflies in their stomach just from thinking of becoming a breatharian. (It gives me tears in my eyes out of the happiness.)

I will elaborate on this page. In the mean time, the above guidelines will let you know if you are ready for the process towards breatharianism that I have used, which is successful and effective, safe and easy. But it's your responsibility! Take good care of yourself! (I don't want anything bad to happen to a person who wanted to become a breatharian but ended up doing it wrong and being hurt.)

If you want, I would be more than happy to help you in becoming a breatharian, if you need the support. It can feel safer and better having someone who has some experience in this to ask and to tell you how you're doing.