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Nutrition Chemistry
Nutrition Chemistry
- explains how breatharianism works within the body

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This is about the perhaps most fascinating aspect of breatharianism, the chemistry part. I'd say that chemistry is about the interaction between various tiny substances. Chemistry occurs constantly in our biological body, and this is acknowledged by science. But what most fail to do is find the connection between chemistry, biology, physics and more, to see the possibility of breatharian sources of human nourishment!

Ever since I discovered that food has an impact on the body, I grew more sensitive to foods, my body, to all things, until I now can 'see' the nutrients within foods and identify a lack of nutrition within my body. Anyone can learn this, but for some like me this way of seeing simply came by surprise!

This sense has made me make one discovery after the other. I found that nutrients are formed from other sources than the foods we eat! I noticed that prana closely resembles potassium in its energy or composition. Then I saw that potassium resembles calcium. This made me interested. I claim that air, light, sunlight, prana and water, during the right circumstances, will provide people with all the material our body needs. I'm planning on studying nutrient chemistry at university so it would make it easier for me to explain what I've found.

I like to think there are two types of breatharians. One where the person lives off light. And the other, where the person lives off any combination of prana/sunlight/air/water.

Nutrient Chemistry for the breatharian who lives off prana/sunlight/air/water

According to what I found when tuning in to foods, nutrients, prana, sunlight, air, water and the human body.
All nutrition are colors in their smallest aspect. Colors originate from light. If a person is not nourished by this light, here's how I think it would work for the one who is breatharian yet not living off light, one who lives of prana/air/sunlight/water.

1st level manifestation means that the nutrient can be manifested from the given source alone, and does not require any other nutrients to combine with.
2nd level manifestation means that this nutrient is produced when it combines with another nutrient.
3rd level manifestation means that this nutrient requires 2nd level nutrients to combine with in order to be produced.
The levels of manifestation mean two things. 1 How dense the nutrient it, that is, how low its wavelengths are. The more dense, the lower the vibration. 2 If the nutrient can be produced from source alone, or if it requires two or even three combinations in order to be produced.

Here are some of the scientifically recognised (science has not found all nutrients) nutrients needed by humans, and the breatharian source:

Potassium -- 1st level manifestation from prana
Electrolytes -- 1st level manifestation from prana, OR, 1st level manifestation of prana+salt+water, OR salt+water
Calcium -- 2nd level manifestation from potassium+dense carbon I think. This is a liquid, electrolyte rich calcium. There is no type of calcium our body thrives on like this one.
B12 -- 3rd level manifestation from carbon+minerals.
Iodine -- 1st level manifestation from water+mineral+electrolytes.
Vitamin D -- 2nd level manifestation from sunlight.
Will elaborate soon with other nutrients.

Many nutrients are formed from prana, and many of these can combine to form yet other nutrients. But a problem I found is that there is the requirement of an almost electric nutrient in order to form some minerals and all metal nutrients. Such as zinc, magnesium and other. This metal is quite dense and electric in energy. I haven't yet found its sorce. But I can say that it is not found in foods. No foods contain this important metal building block for metals and minerals. Most of the food we eat is cooked and insufficient with this particular nutrient.

Nutrient Chemistry for the breatharian who lives off light

The breatharian who has all chakras active, an awakened kundalini energy (awakened energy flow), activated magnetic DNA grid, crown chakra white, and the desire to be a breatharian, lives off light. This enables an instant manifestation of the body.

Our body does require nutrients. Our body consists of nutrients. We consist of water, carbon, minerals and more, and even a breatharian consists of these things. The need for nutrition/body material does not vanish. But the source of these nutrients changes.

Light can quickly manifest anything that is required. The wavelengths of our DNA (DNA is a complex series of soundwaves) are now active. And as light flows through, which it does in an activated energy flow enabled by white crown chakra, the DNA soundwave equals a color and a physical matter, and so the body is instantly manifested.

How it works chemically? Light is broken down into colors. Colors are the same as chemical substances. These chemical substances seem to "appear from thin air" (they appear from light!). These colors combine and form molecules and anything that is required by our DNA. I have yet to figure out if the elimination of damaged body material is a) A reversed light manifestation where it goes back into colors and flows out of the body the same way it came in, or b) If the elimination process is the same as for eaters: the digestive tract.