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Light Technology Light Technology
- an article I wrote in March

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One who is truly in tune with the light can learn to master the ability of light technology.

By finding the white light, and creating a vibration and sending it towards the light, matter can be created. Things can be made to appear out of "thin air". It can also be used for healing, changing what already exists, and even breatharianism is a form of light technology.

The vibration created and sent towards the white light, will function as a prism, separating the white into colors. Any color can be selected from the white and put to use. In its color form, it can be manifested onto the physical, and new matter can be created. One color would be a very pure substance, whereas a combination of colors will create any kind of substance, material, as the combination of these.

Light technology happens constantly in the world. It happens when chemical substances interact. But it can be put to use by the conscious individual.

The breatharian application of light technology is this: by becoming conscious of the white light, and of oneself, certain receptors in the body will awaken and start to pull in more of this light. It is said that a breatharian "lives of light", and this is it. From the light, the body then selects various colors, and these colors together manifest as nutrition and as the physical body, all placing itself according to the DNA-structure.

This is how it works within the body:

When a cell or a part of it dies, or when adaptation to the surrounding environment must be taken if the sun is making the skin darker, if the body has lost more fluids due to warmth, if there is a loss of blood or if the breatharian is pregnant, etc, new material is needed. The DNA works as a grid onto which matter places itself and manifests the body. When there is an empty space, a need for calcium, iron or amino acids etc, this empty space creates a magnetic pull, attracting towards itself the requested material.

When the white light passes through, as it constantly does, various colors of the light stick to the empty space. These colors then combine and alter, becoming a physical manifestation of the required sort.

This way there will never be a loss of muscle/protein, bone, tissue, skin or anything else. A breatharian, conscious of the white light, manifests all required parts of the body.

And what about the excess material in the body? Since we have already been eating and are filled with toxins and particles which are not required by our DNA, and since cells may die and need to be taken care of, the body needs to rid itself of these. I am not yet quite certain of if there is an equivalent method as to the creating of body material. Here are the various theories, of which I believe one to be the human method:

1. In higher dimensions, where beings do not eat, or have the intestine to excrete excess material, the excess material is either A Broken into its smallest particles, manifested back into colors and sent back into the great pool of light. Or B Broken into pieces or transformed, and perhaps only replacing the failing part of the cell or substance, being replaced by a new functioning one.

2. The human body rids itself of excess material by several methods. The intestine being the most obvious one, but also women who lose blood during menstruation (a toxic elimination process), dead skin cells and hair constantly falling off and being replaced, mucus from the nose, perspiration, and also the breathing. Perhaps there are further more eliminating organs.

So the breatharian human would either within his/her lifetime quickly evolve to the 1st state, or continue the 2nd alternative, the human eliminating processes.

It is although known that when an entire species goes on to the breatharian state, the genetical structure quickly adapts itself and babies born are breatharians. The intestinal tract and other organs are no longer formed, and so humans would be yet another one of all the forms of life out there who live of light, by means of light technology.

With much love, Lena :)

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