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The nourishing light The nourishing light
- Light Technology

2. Nutrients being colors

Involuntarily finding veganism and breatharianism made me get all the books I could find about these and related subjects. People could not understand that meat and dairy make me feel bad, nor do people understand breatharianism. This made me eager to find an explanation and proof to it, from 'accepted science'. I made an amazing discovery. One book, a "New Age" book about chakras, told the very same things as a "Scientific" health book did! Science doesn't seem to accept 'New Age stuff' like chakras, and 'New Age' books don't always contain information about the discoveries of science. But by combining these two, I found a large piece of the explanation and proof of breatharianism! Here it is:

Iodine and thyroid gland

The thyroid is a gland in our throat. In newborn babies, it is larger in size than their heart, but as we grow older, our thyroid weakens and shrinks in size. All glands are vital for our well being and survival as they produce hormones. There is an effective yet complicated anti-aging treatment with the use of hormones.

According to the chakra book, "The Elements of the Chakras" by Naomi Ozaniec, each of our seven chakras are connected to body parts as well as glands. The throat chakra is connected to the thyroid gland. The throat chakra and thyroid are both in our throats.

Not that it is 'real proof' for others, I can see what chakras are active and which are dormant in a person. Most people have dormant throat chakras. And most people age and die because of aging. I discovered that when my throat chakra was stimulated to be more active, there was a blue energy by my throat, an energy resembling a blue flame.

I can also 'scan' nutrients - not real proof for others, but helped me find the connection between chakras, nutrients, glands, aging, breatharianism etc. I noticed that iodine, the nutrient which we need to support our thyroid gland, is also a blue flame in its energy! The blue flame of iodine is the same wavelength as the blue flame of our throat chakra! This 'blue flame energy' is what supports the thyroid. But once a throat chakra is active, no iodine is needed.

I haven't looked into it yet, but suspect that there are more nutrients which' purpose is to support a gland when a chakra fails to do the job itself.

Consciousness is what awakens chakras. Even Jasmuheen said in her book "Living on Light" that consciousness is required for becoming a breatharian.

I will elaborate on this soon!