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Food as a means of discovering breatharianism

Breatharianism doesn't mean that you simply stop eating. It means that you discover what nutrition means and want what's best for you, and discover the perfect source of nourishment.

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How do we find light, the source of nourishment? By experiences, taking responsibility, and realizing a few things. I would accuse the average person of not being completely aware of things. Here are a few examples that show how people aren't exactly realizing the basic truths, and that's why these people neither realize or find lightnourishment:
1. Dairy. It's called "milk", "cheese", "ice-cream" or something else. It's something we buy from the food stores, it comes in a package. Actually, it's the breast milk of another species than humans. It's the mother cow's milk for her baby the calf. But many don't even think or realize this.
2. Meat. It's called "steak", "meat" or any of it's other forms. It's something we buy from the food stores or get at a restaurant. Actually, it's the muscle tissues of a dead body. It is cooked, resulting in any nutrients being ruined and rendering these toxic and damaging to health. But many don't even think or realize this.
3. All of our packaged foods. They are called various things. Few realize that they were formerly fresh ingredients, few realize where it came from or what it does to one's body if it is eaten.

How do people choose what to eat? Food is supposed to keep us alive and healthy, but why does this fail as we get sick - from foods - and age - because of either too much or too little of various nutrients - ? Perhaps if we look at how people choose their foods, we find that people don't even care about making food choices that provide their bodies with life. Some of the most common ways in which people choose their foods:

The choice of food that tastes good.
The choice of whatever food that fills the stomach so that one can not eat more.
It's mealtime and whatever food is available is ok.
The choice to eat any food that is within reach, food that "happens to be there so why not eat it".
The choice of cheaper food alternatives.
Everyone else is eating that particular type of food.
Someone else prepared this food so it's convenient to eat it.
Someone offered the food so it's inpolite not to eat it.
Not giving it much thought whatsoever, simply eating "just because".

I would say that these are the most common ways in which people choose what to eat. None of them are based on the body's needs, or on the true purpose of eating. No wonder we suffer from food-related diseases and ageing!

None of these most common food choices are based on what our body needs. We are unconscious of ourselves, of our needs, we don't even see the horrible damage occuring in our arteries, heart, liver, cells that are caused by our food choices. We don't even seem to care. And aging seems to be a mysterious natural occurence that can't be stopped. There is already a lot of science showing that it's in our hands, but this information isn't being spread properly, and if it is, people are rarely willing to "make the effort". Is it difficult to take responsibility? Not really, it's fun to have such true free will. Is it difficult to eat 'healthy food'? No, I find it tastier than anything else. Just try giving your body the food it is asking for, and you'll see that it feels better than any short time taste sensation you experience from food choices not based on the body's needs.

Raw and Living Foods - Raw foods are the optimal foods for the person who still eats. Raw and living vegetable foods (vegetables, fruits, legumes etc) are living organisms, and thus provide us with living building material that can build our own body. I have tried a raw foods diet. My experience of it is that it does feel a bit extreme at first, but I got the hang of it farely quickly. I will later on write a page about my experiences of various eating habits.