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Comparing breatharian sources of nourishment Comparing breatharian sources of nourishment

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On this page, I will describe sources of nourishment for the breatharian, and compare these. This page, and my other pages as well, are of course my own thoughts, I may not be right, or I may be right, it is merely what I personally believe in today and it's the foundation of what I know that helps me find out new things.

Some sources of information about breatharianism says that 'light' is the nourishment which the breatharian lives of. This is the one I believe in, the source of nourishment which I have elaborated on in my search for understanding and explaining breatharianism, as well as with the information on this page. Light, the light which is within everything, containing all colors, contains all forms of existance and can thus manifest even nutrition and the human body independently.

Prana is very often mentioned as the source of breatharian nourishment. My experience says that prana is a yellow-white etheric substance, closely related to the pure light described above. Prana is like a thicker energy. Whilst all creation comes from light, prana is the source of biological life. Prana would be a specialisation which also has its origin from light. A breatharian can, I believe, live of light, prana or both.

Daylight and warmth
Daylight, nor warmth, are perhaps never mentioned as sources for nourishment, and I want to keep it that way. Daylight is energy from the sun, of a wavelength which we can actually see with our human eyes, whereas we can't see other wavelengths of energies. Warmth is the same as infrared energy, also originating from our sun. It's one of the wavelengths of energy which we can feel, we feel it as warmth from the sunlight. But I find that both of these two wavelengths are NOT nourishing for humans.
Why not? Each wavelength has an equivalent of a physical substance on the physical aspect of the world, out of which we humans don't perceive all. Daylight and infrared/warmth do not equal a physical substance which our body consists of.

But how about sunlight in general? It is very often mentioned as a source for breatharian nourishment. I would agree. It is well known that vitamin D is created independently in our body when we are exposed to sunlight. My intuition tells me that other types of nutrients are also created from sunlight, just that people haven't discovered these yet, and probably won't as they are of a density that people have difficulty in finding by means of traditional research equipment.
But what makes sunlight nutritious? Sunlight is a strong source of energy with a great variety of wavelengths. Many of these wavelengths equal physical substances that, according to our DNA, will make our physical body.
But will sunlight alone manifest our entire body? I will look into this, but still rely on 'light' for nourishment.
See my page on Skin Color for more of my theories on the nourishing effect of sunlight.

After all, it is called breatharianism, isn't it? Breath and air does have a great role in it. Air contains nitrogen and other chemical substances which in fact can combine with other substances that are being provided to us from sources other than foods. And these substances can combine, into a variety of new substances, and place themselves according to our DNA, manifesting our physical body.
What about the saying that it is impossible for a breatharian to live in a polluted city? I have done my best to overlook all limitations to breatharianism, wanting to see beyond these to find a way no matter what. But pollution is, I admit, a problem. During days when I am a breatharian and neither eat or drink, and walk near traffic, I will feel sick, more sick than if I were on a day that I eat. Why? It is either because an eater is unaware of the pollution, or that the pollution would be more damaging to a breatharian. I will study this by looking at my reactions by traffic during one of my breatharian periods.

Comparing above mentioned nutrition sources
I would say that light is the only one that requires consciousness, as it depends on the DNA being activated by consciousness and putting light into use. Prana, too, requires consciousness but to a limited extent - merely to activate chakras and energy flow but not necessarily DNA as well. Light and prana could be called 'energies', as they are completely undetected by the average eating person. Sunlight, too, is a form of energy, but perhaps one that would be accepted to exist by the average person. Light contains precisely all wavelengths, whereas prana contains the ones directly needed by biological beings. Sunlight has limitations, but does provide with various useful wavelenghts, for example the well known vitamin D manifesting one. Air, more dense than any of the other sources (light, prana, sunlight), contains its limited range of - not wavelengths - but physical substances.
I would suggest that an aspiring breatharian gets accustomed to each of these sources for nourishment. But not air alone. Not sunlight alone. Perhaps prana alone. Perhaps light alone. But preferably a combination of each. Light and/or prana should be the largest percentage of the 'breatharian meal', whereas sunlight should be relied on not as greatly, and air least of these.

This is, of course, my own opinion. But perhaps I am correct. I go with the above information, and it works fine! :)