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The body
The body - beyond the physical aspect

We see ourselves as physical bodies. But think about all the organs and such on the inside, there, even though we can not see it! Think about all the tiny cells and microscopic parts of us, all the small details unseen by our eyes! Our eyes are very limiting. They let us see only a fraction of the entire world. Just think about the hearing of bats, dogs, dolphins, who hear sounds which are unnoticed by us! And all the colors around us, that we are unable to see! To better understand potentials such as breatharianism, potentials of the true entire world, we need to go beyond our limited senses. Beyond our vision, hearing, sensation. We don't need to forget anything we've learnt so far, simply add more to our understanding. It is easily achieved for those who are interested.

With the ability to see things beyond the average perception, you become telepathic, can remotely view, among other forms of perception. But the value of it right now, is its application to breatharianism! You will find out exactly why, and how, breatharianism works. You will find this light that nourishes us, find your body's energy channels and -systems, see inside your cells, look at food compounds and their impact on you on various levels. For the perceptive conscious one, breatharianism is the most obvious way of life.

DNA manifesting itself
Our DNA determines how our body will manifest itself. Building material - proteins, calcium etc - place themselves according to our genetic structure. But just because our DNA helped us when growing from an embryo into an adult, doesn't mean that is is no longer of use! DNA plays a significant role in aspiring breatharianism.
With use of the expanded, universal consciousness, one can reach his or her own DNA-structure. Not only is it found in each cell, but exists also as an overall form in the entire us. By reaching increased consciousness, the DNA structure will advance in structure and becomes magnetic and of a stronger energy.
The DNA is in fact a complex combination of sound waves. When activated by consciousness, it will manifest itself on its physical aspect at all times. With no requirement of foods. This is where light comes in.
Light, constantly flowing through and within us, contains all colors. And remember that each color has its physical equivalent of a chemical substance. Parts of our body need to be replaced, it may be when we lose skin cells or hair, or during changes in our body, when we develop more muscle or get a tan, and this is when nourishment is needed. Nourishment which manifests our body, which combines according to DNA and adds up being our physical selves. Now, as there is the need of any form of nourishment, its empty space creates a magnetic pull on the DNA, and as the light passes through, the needed colors stick, combining and becoming in their physical equivalent, the required nutrient! And so the body manifests itself.
Consciousness activates the DNA. This manifests the body at all times. No food is needed, as the source of nourishment is the light.
It's as simple as that.

I will add more on this page, about nadis, body organs, etc, and ways to be aware of all these aspects of oneself and also which organs and parts of the body absorb light and create nutrients from it!

Entire page on chakras
I mention chakras several times, with light tech, nutrition, preparations and more. I will explain them from my point of view: (Have anything to add, correct or ask? Please contact me.)
What is a chakra? A chakra is an energy centre: Our body has an energy system which is a flow of energy such as we have the blood system with its flow of blood. The energy system is a network of 'threads' along which our life energy flows. We can't see this with eye sight, nor has medicine completely discovered it or found use for its healing potentials. The energy that flows in our energy system is a white, sometimes white-yellowish substance. We don't live without it. As our blood flow has veins and arteries as the 'threads', and the large heart, the energy flow also has large 'organs' in it, these are the seven main chakras. Each of the seven chakras are placed vertically along our spine. They each have their own color according to the rainbow, first one being red, next orange, then yellow, green, blue, violet and white. The energy flow supports our physical organs and entire physical body, supplying us with vital energy such as the blood does. Each chakra supports its own organs and glands.
Do chakras work even if we don't see them? Yes, if they are active. Most people have dormant chakras, and that's why we need nutrients from food because nutrients may have equal energy wavelengths as the chakras. Some people with extended vision can 'see' chakras and energy fields.
Which chakras are usually active and which are usually dormant? This varies from person to person, but I have noticed a very common typical occurence. Most people have only red/first chakra active or red/first and orange/second and yellow/third or red/first and yellow/third. This has a connection to why most people need nutrients from food.
How do I activate my chakras? It requires consciousness, becoming aware of oneself and expanding the 'field of vision' or perspective. There are several yoga methods which activate chakras, and once active, you gain the consciousness of the level. You can also meditate to find your chakras. By looking at yourself with an open mind, you will see everything in you from chakras and energy flow to organs, cells and even smaller parts.
What if I don't believe in chakras, can I still become a breatharian? I would say no, meaning that it IS your chakras enabling breatharianism, whether you approach breatharianism with such awareness of chakras etc or not.
What makes a chakra dormant? Unconsciousness.
What do I mean by unconsciousness and consciousness? The level of understanding an individual has which awakens its corresponding levels of potential within the body. Humans all have the same type of body and physical potential, although every individual has his or her own depth in understanding. It is like if you understand vision, you can perceive and make use of colors, shapes and dimension. So if you understand the universal/unlimited, you perceive and can make use of anything there is.
What increases this consciousness? Life experience. I believe this to be the reason we live, to learn to understand things. Every time you learn something new about life, yourself and others, you gain consciousness. The more flexible you become in emotion, understanding and knowing, the more conscious you are. And with increasing consciousness, your body opens up more of its potentials!
Do animals have chakras? Yes. I have found two chakras in pigs, at least four in dolphins, and an equivalent of chakras in even insects.
Do plants have chakras? No. But they do have an energy system of their own kind.

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