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Before proceeding with breatharianism
Before you proceed with Breatharianism...

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Follow your own guidance
Breatharianism is not a sect. It is not about following the ways or given rules of others in order to try and reach what they have found. You may be inspired by others, but use it only to see glimpses of what you too can find or accomplish, if it is right for you also and if it is something you will want to find. Each person has their own individual experience. Each person perceives the very same thing in their own ways. And each person will want something different, out of different reasons, and at different times and in different ways. Even though many within a breatharian movement will find themselves moving toward a similar direction and meeting one another in similar levels of life, all came from their own place and time.

Those who decide to put their lives and their trust in another person, will perhaps give up their free will, their listening to intuition, and really, much that is conscious and living to themselves. If you do want to become a follower of someone, make the right choice. We are all just people, manifestations of God's light, and anything good you will find in another, is just a reminder and a glimpse of what you too have deep inside yourself. We are all light. Some shine it more and some do not.

Taking full responsibility for your body and health
Your body should be considered as one of the most valuable and precious things you have got in this life. Its condition can affect you greatly, just think of all the suffering the many forms of illnesses and imbalances can give. A number of people forget to pay attention to their physical (the body) while highly inspired to seek out a breatharian lifestyle. Of course it is possible to live a 'fully spiritual life' without attachment to the physical, yet many seem unable to succeed in this and end up with physical suffering of many forms.

Logic and objectivity won't allow me to discourage people from breatharianism. Every day, people are eating themselves to suffering and death. Breatharianism is not the extreme opposite, the food denials that lead to starvation and death. Breatharianism is the balanced in between state of nourishment, which, yes, optimally will lead to independence from physical dense foods.

But please, pay attention to your physical body's condition, at all times. Not that breatharians would be more likely to end up hurt than the "eating people" would, but stay humble to realise what is best for your body, health and well being. Food and eating is only some part of people's lives, but the body is a central part that is there at all times. I will advise to drink and eat if the body needs it. I do not recommend self denial and denials of the body's suffering for reaching enlightenment. Read more on Physical Health.

Intuition is our direct link to universal unlimited consciousness, which means that humans have a link to the gathered all knowledge and existance of the entire universe, and we can access this information and use it in our lives. This allows us to "know things that we have never seen, heard, felt or learnt before". Intuition is when you are convinced of something, even if everyone else sometimes may doubt you. The horrible thing is, that many who hear an intuitive 'voice' will doubt themselves, and much worse, many do not even hear their intuitive guidance! Intuition only leads us to safety, well-being, health, happiness and light. Some might call it the guidance from Angels, or from God. Intuitive guidance tells you what you can do to be healthiest, happiest and closest to yourself and to God/light, and intuition even saves lives. (It saved my life twice.)

In breatharianism, you face many choices and alternatives. You must choose from what you have been taught, what others still tell you (each saying something a little different!), and what you read, what others advise you, and what you want and what you feel is right. How do we know what is right? Most people get to live comfortably as "one of the normal people", who follow what everyone else is doing, and in this they can feel safe. But what for those of us who hear an intuitive calling to do something differently? And how will we reach those goals? If you try to find the answers on the outside, you may search for a very long time, as I have done and still do. If you listen to your intuitive guidance (listening to your heart), you will know what to do.

It takes loving yourself, to hear your intuition.
It takes attention and consciousness, to perceive the intuitive message.
It takes self confidence to believe in yourself and in what you feel is right, to know that you are a special, beautiful individual who can find their own way.
It takes bravery to set free from the safety of being "one of the average people" where everyone is the same, where everyone look at what others are doing, instead of listening to their intuition. It takes bravery to become conscious of yourself.
It takes strength, to believe in yourself. You must often be stronger than the rest, but this strength we all have inside.
And once you have approached that which your intuition guided you to, and you feel and know that these are the things that are right and best for you, it takes faith, love, light, to surrender and allow these things to integrate with who you are.

Intuition may guide you to breatharianism, or it may not. But where it takes you, is to where you will become yourself, conscious, loved, loving, beautiful, healthy, and happy.

The importance of intuition comes when some who are approaching breatharianism face the dehydrations, weight loss, weakness or any of the other forms of suffering that surfaced as food was no longer taken. Should you then listen to others? Or listen to yourself? In all of my experiences, intuition has proven to show me the way to what is best for me. In terms of breatharianism, it has at some times told me to eat or drink, and at some times advised me to be without food for some time. I have always reached health and happiness when listening to intuition, and reached suffering when not listening. Follow your own intuition, to know what is best for you. Whether you choose to trust your intuitive guidance or not will always be your choice in each moment.