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Ageing and Immortality
Ageing and Immortality

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No one likes to age, yet everyone seems to accept it as normal. Immortality isn't about being able to live for hundreds of years. The beauty of it is improving the quality of your life. And knowing that you won't suffer from an ageing body or a timelimit to life.

I am not allowed to call myself an expert, and the following are nothing but my thoughts on the subject. But I have discovered an ability that lets me "psychicly see" things on cellular, chemical, and vibrational levels. The observations I make, combined with information found in science books, lead me to conclusions. I am not the only one who can see these things.

What is ageing
I would describe ageing as the changing of a body toward a physical state which is moving further away from the highest potentials of health, awareness and normal body functions.

What ageing is not: Perhaps we do have genes that are to make us age and limit our lifespan. Yet most of our ageing is self-inflicted.

Sources of ageing

I estimate food to be something like 85-90% responsible for the ageing in the average person. It can be the case of too much food, or too little, both leading to an imbalance. Food are materials consisting of various forms and varieties of chemicals, which will end up in our blood, cells, body fluids and all over, and as chemicals, they will influence our body on chemical level. Some foods have little effect on the body, while others will have stronger effect.

I believe in the benefits of eating according to intuitive natural choices. It is when you pay attention to the body's nutritional needs, and provide it with any foods that it might ask for, and developing a sense of knowing what it might need. Comparing this with the average every day eating which involves allowing oneself to eat just about anything, not giving any thought to where this food came from, what it consists of, or what it might do to the body, as well as what the effects of this consumption will be once the food has had its effect. Foods, I believe, that are eaten to settle a nutritional need, or even foods which the body will be able to use later, will be harmless. So I am not saying that food itself will necessarily be damaging to the body.

Just consider the fact that if the average person stops to eat, the body will starve and age very rapidly. So what we are looking for is a balance that works.

But even so, some of the foods that contain something which is needed, will come with other damaging substance, or produce waste which is damaging. A few examples are:
Cow meat - contains heavy particles of metals that tend to settle at the back of the brain, eventually leading to mental ageing, memory loss, confusion etc
Dairy products - once digested, they result in acid and sour material of a very low pH, can upset the pH balance of the body fluids which may result in 'chronic' rashes, joint problems, stomach burns, gall bladder problems, and more
Root vegetables - usually very high in minerals that resemble rocks or fine sand, will clog up in the arteries, cause kidney and liver stones

The foods we eat, we allow to have their chemical effect on us. Most do not think about this, or want to bother. There are plenty of cases where a person will hunger for and crave foods that are without doubt damaging for the body. In such a case, it is based on an emotional hunger, and not a physical one. (Read more in Food Choices)

Other sources of ageing
Radiation from sun and space (usually less than 1% of our ageing). Emotional problems that lead to cancers, changes in tissue structure, weakened blood flow, heart problems, gland weaknesses, hormonal imbalances and more (I estimate some 25% at average). Pollution, surprisingly, I estimate to an average of 2-3%, of course with great variation depending on where you live and your surroundings. We also have staying indoors too much and not getting enough air or sunlight (which results in worsening of cell and body chemicals condition), bad body posture, not breathing properly and other (perhaps 0.5%).

Why we end up ageing

I believe the main reason for ageing to be unconsciousness. This makes our chakras and energy flow dormant and not fully active, and we are depending on this energy of vital life force in order to live! And without a fully functioning energy flow, we turn to other things to substitute for a failing energy system. But our life flow can't be replaced by anything. So we suffer from poorly supported organs, such as glands, and in the end cease to function. But there are other things too, that contribute to our ageing.

Poor self confidence
People with poor self confidence are in denial of parts of themselves. If their belief is that there is something wrong with them, or that something about them isn't right or accepted, they will deny those 'unwanted things'. That means that they become blind of something about them, that is there and does exist and is right. It's like denying you have an arm or vital organs and simply getting rid of them.
As human beings, we are created according to a complex structure, it according to the laws of physics and of life itself. We can not function if we try to remove a vital part of ourselves, or add something that disrupts the balance. We can not function when we are something less or more than what we really are.
Poor self confidence is equal to unconsciousness, as it is one of the forms in which unconsciousness is experienced. By not accepting parts of ourselves, we are denying vital life energy to that part. People with poor self confidence may feel depressed, tired and sad, this is due to the fact that they deny themselves of life energy. Consciousness is the same as life energy, life energy is the same as consciousness.

Consciousness keeps our energy active
Our body has energy channels - chakras - part of the energy flow like the heart in our blood flow. As important as our blood flow, yet invisible to our eyes. These chakras need our awareness of them in order to function and be active, and when we lack a holistic appreciation of ourselves, these chakras become dormant, and this blocks the energy flow. This is why most people rely on food to stay alive, their chakras aren't supporting their life flow. Consciousness can cure this. Any imbalanced or dormant chakra may cause overall ageing. A person with poor self confidence may also feel tiredness and the lack of energy. Why? Our consciousness, awareness, of ourselves, energises our chakras, and the chakras support glands and organs, and this makes us vital and strong. Just think of the charismatic person with good real self confidence, don't they feel like the most alive people of all? Self confidence is not when you believe that you are better than others, nor is it believing that you are something you are not. It is when you know who you are, and love yourself, and enjoy beying you. You enjoy living, and this makes the life in you.
People will also age if they are unaware of their entire selves. People who haven't discovered their energy system, the life inside, or their loving nature, are neither supporting their entire energy system which would keep them alive. If we ignore or are unaware of something, it doesn't exist in our life and our perceived life catches up with the 'real' one.

Why there is ageing
If we take a look at humanity, we see that although we all are the same species, we differ in so many ways. And I'm not referring to physical differences or cultural ones or a variety in upbringing. The thing is that we differ in consciousness. Although intelligence may have requirements on the physical or on our brain, it is active on a variety of levels also due to the variety in our soul's age. (I will add a page on reincarnation.) Consciousness is the depth in which a person can perceive things, analyze and be aware of things, and the advancement in which the person can understand things of oneself and beyond.
So why does un-consciousness result in ageing and death? Actually, it's not a cruel or horrible thing. Don't we all know that we grow and learn from experiences. Everything we live through makes us more mature, knowing, and conscious. If this never happened, you and I and everyone would never have evolved to the human level of consciousness. We would be less than minerals, we would be nothing and know nothing. There would be no existance whatsoever, as nothing would have evolved. No atoms, molecules, planets, time, nothing, as even molecules, chemicals, planets, are bodies that evolve. When plants breathe, there is evolvement. When chemicals combine, there is evolvement. Everything that occurs, requires evolvement. So, if the average person with much more to discover were immortal, life itself would be a paradox, contradictory to itself, and all existance would vanish. Because when the less conscious one dies, its' soul gets the chance to incarnate into a new life to learn more, grow, and expand in consciousness.
So why does the conscious one become immortal? It can be explained in through various aspects. But basically, the fully conscious one doesn't have to reincarnate to learn something further. Such a person already knows, and such a person wouldn't need reincarnation to learn things.

Why wearing down can't be blamed
Yes our bodies wear down throughout the years. But when we find nourishment from light (it requires a few things of preparation and integration) our body is constantly manifested. Old body material is gotten rid of, being replaced with new material. Our body is constantly updated. This updating only stops when we block the natural process that makes this happen.

Stop and reverse ageing

Yes it is possible. Even though our bodies have changed over the years and aren't perfectly healthy, due to malnutrition and foreign foods having been eaten, our DNA still keeps the information of how we are meant to be, and our body tries to keep us according to it. There are many things to do to assist our body's own regenerative work.

Anti-aging nutrients
All the food compounds which we categorize as nutrients, are able to make us healthier and 'younger'.
The perfect book about anti-aging nutrients: "Stop aging now!" by Jean Carper.

Another thing to do is to stop eating those things which make us age.

Chakra yoga is extremely powerful in reactivating and stimulating all chakras, and has an amazingly powerful anti-aging effect!

Breathing in the right way is more important than we think.

More information will be added shortly.