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RE-OPENING in a few WEEKS, Dont forget !!!!

HI, every-one !! i'm verry sorry but this site will be "closed" for a FEW WEEKS !! so dont worry i'll be back! well the reason is that i dont have that much time to updated this site with the pictures, news and so on. Simply because school is taking a lot of time thes last weeks! and as many of you know i just started this site, so a few albums wern't ready yet, but these will be done once the site is re-opend, wich will be in a few weeks during the holiday's i'll have all the time i need then. Hopefully see yah all back in a few weeks, and untill then , well i wish you all the best and don't forget me. ;) But before i go, snif snif , i whant to thank you all for the support you gave to me, and for visiting this site afcorse. Thank you so much and see yah back in a few weeks! ciao, love kathelijne !*! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By the way if you have any ideas of making this the best site ever, do mail them to me at the adress below, you can also ( if you whant to afcorse ) send pictures, news, fanart and so on to the same adress, thnx , see yah, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________