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~ P e r s p e c t i v e ~

*Peace Perspectives*

Welcome to my personal pages on the subject of peace and unity, created as a circle of pages within my ~*Beautiful World*~. Because I just can't help myself, Beautiful World also has a lot of peaceful messages within it (including most of the peaceful graphics). I have kept all emails and positive messages of peace and unity I have found these past weeks because they help me feel positive and optimistic about the world, and some of these positive and peaceful items have made their way onto these pages. And thus was born my peace perspective...

A Native American grandfather was talking to his
grandson about how he felt. He said,
I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart.
One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one.
The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one.
The grandson asked him,
'which wolf will win the fight in your heart?'
The grandfather answered, 'The one I feed.'

~ The Art of Peace ~

*by Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido*

The Art of Peace begins with you. Work on yourself and your appointed task. Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment. Foster peace in your own life and then apply the Art to all that you encounter.

One does not need buildings, money, power, or status to practice Peace. Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train. All things, material and spiritual, originate from one source and are related as if they were one family. The past, present, and future are all contained in the life force. The universe emerged and developed from one source, and we evolved through the optimal process of unification and harmonization.

Peace is medicine for a sick world. There is evil and disorder in the world because people have forgotten that all things emanate from one source. Return to that source and leave behind all self-centered thoughts, petty desires, and anger. Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything. If you have not linked yourself to true emptiness, you will never understand Peace.

Peace functions everywhere on earth, in realms ranging from the vastness of space down to the tiniest plants and animals. The life force is all-pervasive and its strength boundless. Peace allows us to percieve and tap into that tremendous reserve of universal energy. Peace sustain creation: Movement and stillness, Solidification and fluidity, Extension and contraction, Unification and division. Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead. Peace is a celebration of the bonding of heaven, earth, and humankind. It is all that is true, good, and beautiful. Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with your own, becoming the Breath of Life itself.

All the principles of heaven and earth are living inside you. Life itself is the truth, and this will never change. Everything in heaven and earth breathes. Breath is the thread that ties creation together. When the myriad variations in the universal breath can be sensed, the individual techniques of Peace are born.

Consider the ebb and flow of the tide. When waves come to strike the shore, they crest and fall, creating a sound. your breath should follow the same pattern, absorbing the entire universe in your belly with each inhalation. Know that we all have access to four treasures: the energy of the sun and moon, the breath of heaven, the breath of earth, and the ebb and flow of the tide.

Contemplate the workings of this world, listen to the words of the wise, and take all that is good as your own. With this as your base, open your own door to truth. Do not overlook the truth that is right before you. Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also learn from holy books and wise people. Everything - even mountains, rivers, plants and trees - should be your teacher.

Create each day anew by clothing yourself with heaven and earth, bathing yourself with wisdom and love, and placing yourself in the heart of Mother Nature. Do not fail to learn from the pure voice of an ever-flowing mountain stream splashing over the rocks. Peace originates with the flow of things - its heart is like the movement of the wind and waves. The Way is like the veins that circulate blood through our bodies, following the natural flow of the life force. If you are separated in the slightest from that divine essence, you are far off the path. Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout. Just as a lotus flower springs from the mire to bloom splendidly, the interaction of the cosmic breath causes the flower of the spirit to bloom and bear fruit in this world.

Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean, and the highest peak, empty of all thoughts. Always keep your body filled with light and heat. Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.

As soon as you concern yourself with the "good" and "bad" of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weaken and defeat you.

To practice properly Peace, you must: Calm the spirit and return to the source. Cleanse the body and spirit by removing all malice, selfishness, and desire. Be ever-grateful for the gifts received from the universe, your family, Mother Nature, and your fellow human beings.

All life is a manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of love. And acquiring Peace is the purest form of that principle. Daily training in this Art of Peace allows you inner divinity to shine brighter and brighter. Do not concern yourself with the right and wrong of others. Do not be calculating or act unnaturally. Keep your mind set on the Art of Peace, and do not criticize other teachers or traditions. The Art of Peace never restrains, restricts, or shackles anything. It embraces all and purifies everything. Practice Peace sincerely, and evil thoughts and deeds will naturally disappear.

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*unity* ~ the original scrapbook inspired by events since this webpage began (Aug/Sep 2001), and for world events from previous years, and my permanent desire for peace.

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