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~*The Link Library*~



Welcome to the link library!! Here you will find some other cool Beauty and the Beast sites to go check out! Also at the botton is my link to me button! The code for it is below it! So please if you use any pictures, link back to me!!!!!!!


~*The links*~

**The best place to go for great pictures, quotes and much more!! I got most of my things and ideas here!!! The best!!**

-Brandon's Beauty And the Beast page-

**This is a good page, for lyrics and pictures.**

-Lisa's Beauty and the Beast Page-

**A REALLY good place to go for great pictures!!!!!**

-Belle's Bookshop-

**A fun place to look around and meet the whole Beauty and the Beast cast!**


**A BIG thanks to thins site, I got all the backgrounds here**


**Please link back to me! The button, and it's code are below! Thanks!**