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  • I can no longer keep the idea of contact and abduction separate and deny that there are not only benign beings but also ones with ulterior motives. Perhaps we do not understand those motives because we as humans try to place human feelings and human reasons into everything because that is how we see the world, but we cannot think in another species terms just as we cannot understand what goes through the minds of other animals on our own planet, how can we understand the reasoning behind another species? That which we consider nefarious may be indifference, not meant to harm but to understand us. As we try to understand the creatures around us, and we do harm to them in that attempt or we use them as a means to better ourselves...animals used for studies, animals used just so people can beautify themselves, chemicals tested on them just because they can't communicate to us "please don't do that it hurts" or they fight back, bite and do whatever they can to protect themselves. We can't say that these beings coming for us mean us harm, but we can say that some of us by some of them are taken against our own will, and that is abduction. Some come with messages and a benign and peaceful approach, so we cannot say there are no abductions only peaceful contact and in keeping my site silent for so long because I wanted to think that my peaceful contact was what we are being in touch for, but I cannot overlook other facts, other events that I myself have experienced and have tried to place into the category of perhaps my own mind playing tricks on me (as my friend who denies abductions happen, has said to me) but the marks on my body, the other unusual things and beings I have seen with an awake mind cannot be imagined nor self inflicted. I return to my previous form of UFOlogy researcher. I really never left it as this wonderment never goes away unless we can find a truthful answer...disclosure we hope will bring that answer.

    This site will contain subjects about the different interests in UFOs, alien visitations, contact and other scenarios that connect with the phenomenon of things that go beyond the understanding of our ordinary senses. Beyond the concepts that we have of the here and now we call reality.

    One of my ongoing projects has been as a contributing author for a 3 volume set of books; THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION: Piercing the Veils of Deception. Under the pseudonym of Angelico Tapestra.

    As an American I love my country, and yes, I believe in my government, but these 3 volumes are a must read!! You don't have to feel Anti-American to believe that some things are not an open policy in this country. It is not going against the grain of American freedom to feel that there is more to what we are being told about UFOs, cover-ups, and secret societies.Our government, in order to protect us and keep us free have to have some secret operations. There have been what was considered good Americans, sell their country out for the almighty dollar, so don't be in such a hurry to know of all the operations your country does to keep you safe. I understand the paranoia that happens as we always feel our freedom is teetering on the edge and fear that the power hungry politicians will take full control over us and change our democratic society. That is why we have the right to vote. Worried about your freedom? Exercise it with your votes and do your do-diligence in keeping an eye on what is being offered to you as a leadership, laws, and everything you have an American right to help decide.

    Read these 3 informative volumes written to enlighten and intrigue you...then you decide what is going on.


    • THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION:Piercing the Veils of Deception
    • THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION belongs to the authors who have put together the 3 volume set by the same name. This website is kept up with current UFO news and other subjects that are connected to the issues written about in the books, such as spiritualism, contact, abduction, government cover-ups, black ops and so on. Keep informed by visiting the site.