Prologue: The Great Escape

Ginger was sitting alone inside one of Krawk Islands many coastline caves. She had spent the whole day eluding the pirate gang and their cronies and was now very cold, very wet, and very very hungry. She had long since stopped crying, and was now seriously getting down to the nitty-gritty of "How do I get myself out of this!" part of the escape. She absent-mindedly licked her lips as she sat thinking of what Mom was making for dinner right now ("I could even go for meatloaf and mushy peas" she thought.)and felt her very large graarl stomach growl.

"This is all Emerald's fault" She thought grumpily and looked back over at her sleeping sister's curled up form. "Why'd she have to swipe this stupid sword anyway..." Ginger nudged the aforementioned sword with her toe. It didn't even look valuable...all covered with fake jewels and tarnished silver. "Who'd want this icky ole' thing..." She had to pause. The pirates sure wanted it, they had chased Ginger and Emerald all over the island for it. Ginger wondered what it did that was so special. She picked up the sword.

Emerald stirred in her sleep and mumbled softly to herself. Ginger was half-tempted to bury the green gelert up to her neck in sand, but managed to restrain the urge. Instead, she focused on the sword in her hand. It didn't feel any different than the other swords she had used, other than feeling a bit slippery and smelling faintly like mothballs. She took a careful swing. It made a soft zinging noise as it went side to side, nothing special. Ginger looked disgusted, all this hoopla over...she accidently dropped the sword and cracked the stone at her feet to dust. "Oh wow..." she said softly. "We are in so much trouble..."

Ginger ran over to Emerald and shook her until Emerald was awake. "C'mon c'mon..." Ginger was a bit frantic. Emerald gave a startled yawn and stretched herself awake.

"Whad'ya do that for?" Emerald grumbled. She yawned again.

Ginger stuck the sword under Emerald's nose. "Why did you steal this?" She demanded. Emerald cocked her head at the sword and sniffed it lightly.

"It's treasure." Emerald shrugged. "Can't you tell it is?" Ginger grit her teeth.

"Treasure or not, how do you plan to explain this whole mess to Mom when we're rescued?" Ginger waved the sword to emphasize her point.

Emerald just yawned again. "I thought I would leave that all up to you. You seem to have all kinds of excuses for everything." She got up and lazily wandered to the back of the cave where a small fresh-water spring was located. After getting her fill, she trotted back up to Ginger and plopped down on her haunches. Ginger looked stunned and had not moved an inch.

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