In Loving Memory: Christopher Ronald Faller


May 7, 1990~March 24, 1998

Dear Ron, Maria, Rachel and Mark:

Another special day for Christopher has come your way.
He'll celebrate his 12th birthday up in Heaven today.
I know if he were with you the day would be so fun.
With a party, friends and family together all as one.

Christopher would blow out the candles on his cake.
Another special memory that for you he'd make.
A big ol' smile would light up his precious face.
And a little "man" soon would take a small boy's place.

You can only imagine now if Christopher you could see.
Twelve years old, so grown up, handsome as could be!
My heart and prayers are with you all there today.
And birthday wishes to Christopher are on the way.

Take comfort in knowing that Christopher is aware.
Of just how much you, his wonderful family cares.
And I can almost see him smiling down on you.
He will be there today in all you plan to do.

Love: Marlene (Pixie)

You are All So Blessed To Be

Christopher Ronald Faller

Pixie's Place 2002

Marlene Fay Porter

2002 Marlene Porter is the author of all the original poetry on Pixie's Place Memorials 2002. These original poems are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way without the author's express written consent.

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