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Free Virtual Tour to Suriname, a Multi-Cultural Society, within the Amazonian Tropical Rainforest

Iguacu Falls, Brazil/Argentina
Photo: Copyright © 2001 Moekiran A. Amatali

Andes Mountain, Chile
Photo: Copyright © 2001 Moekiran A. Amatali

I am living in Suriname - South America. I am civil engineer and hydrologist, involved in projects and activities in the field of water resources, water management, climate change and environment in Suriname.

Regional Workshop on Climate Change, Ecuador 1998
Photo: Personal collection

Focal Points Meeting, Inter-American Water Resources Network, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, 2001
Photo: Personal collection

I am employed by the Ministry of Public Works as the Head of the Hydraulic Research Division and I am also part-time Lecturer at the Faculty of Technology of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname.

Airstrip Drie Tabbetje in the interior, in the Surinamese Amazonian Tropical Rainforest, 2005
Photo: Copyright © 2005 Moekiran A. Amatali

Airstrip Djumu in the interior, in the Surinamese Amazonian Tropical Rainforest, 2006
Photo: Copyright © 2006 Moekiran A. Amatali

Suriname has an unique and interesting multi-cultural society, descending mainly from Dutch, African, Hindustani/Indian, Javanese/Indonesian, Amerindian and Chinese culture. The greatest part of the country is still tropical rainforest, as part of the Amazon region.

Weekly live panel discussions at Garuda Radio Station, Paramaribo, 2002
Photo: Copyright © 2002 Moekiran A. Amatali

Family picture at the back garden, after working at the farm, Soekodoedoek, 1968
Photo: Personal collection

Apart from my profession I am also interested in spiritual growth, spiritual/energetic healing and applied psychology. I am a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner/Instructor, a Past-Life/Reincarnation Regression Therapist and a NLP Master Practitioner, and would like to exchange information with people from all over the world within the same field of interest and my profession.

I provide live/hands on and distant/absent energetic and spiritual healing sessions and coaching services by telephone and Skype, around the globe on request without geographical borders, as well as sessions in bridging to the other side through mediumship. As a Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor I facilitate Quantum-Touch® Level I live workshops in Suriname and at Curaḉao.

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Suriname - South America.
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