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All About Air Faeries!

So what's an Air Faerie? Do you know? If you don't, then come here to find out!

Basically, an Air Faerie is, well, a Faerie of the Air. Why do we think they are the best? Check out the Neopets description of them:

The Air Faeries are magical, joyous little creatures who love to dance on the wind. Meet one and it will bless your pet with abilities from the sphere of air - powers such as invisibility, haste or flight.

Pretty cool, no? That's why we love them so much! Who wouldn't like faeries who could grant you flight or invisibility? And there are more reasons to love them to! They are not just magical, joyous and dancing, they are:

  • Kind and generous!
  • Graceful!
  • Always put first in a list of faeries (not because they start with an 'a', because they're the best)!
  • And the best looking of the lot!

Also, Air Faeries have tons of merchandise! What sort of merchandise, you ask? Everything! What do I mean by everything? Well have a look and see!

Air Faerie Books!

All About Air Faeries - All about Air Faeries, the first in a six part series detailing everything you need to know about faeries. Breathe - The Air Faeries deep philosophy of breathing. No breathing = no life. My First Faerie - Everything a young pet needs to know about their first encounter with faeries.

Air Faerie Battledome Weapons!

Circlet of the Air Faerie - The Air Faeries circlet was stolen long ago by Balthazar. The wearer can shoot an icy blast at their enemy. Air Faeries Fan - HIDDEN TOWER ITEM! COSTS 3,500,000 NP! -  A wave of her fan and a huge gust of wind is released! Wand of the Air Faerie - This powerful wand attacks with the force of a tornado or hurricane.  It is hard to defend yourself against all of the wind! Sword of the Air Faerie - HIDDEN TOWER ITEM! COSTS 7,000,000 NP! -  This powerful relic was allegedly created by the first air faerie ever to exist in Neopia.

Air Faerie Collectable Cards!

Psellia the Air Faerie - Air Faeries are magical, joyous little creatures who love to dance on the wind.

Air Faerie Toys!

Air Faerie Doll - SUPER RARE!  ONLY ABOUT 5 IN NEOPIA!  SELLS FOR MILLIONS! - This Air Faerie Dolls wings are so shimmery they look almost magical.

And that's all the Air Faerie items in Neopia, except for an Air Faerie itself of course:

Air Faerie - A beautiful Air Faerie is trapped inside this container.  Release it and your pet may be blessed.

In total that's...10 Air Faerie items in Neopia! And three of them sell for millions! If you know of any Air Faerie items we havn't got here, then tell us and we'll put it up.

So now you know how popular Air Faeries are - but you still don't really understand what they are.

What Are Air Faeries?

Air Faeries are all minions, no wait, sounds evil, assistants of the great Uber-Air Faerie. Uber means 'over' in German, so the Uber-Air Faerie is kind of the Air Faerie who rules over the other Air Faeries. There are about 5 to 10 Uber-Air Faeries in Neopia (with one main Uber-Air Faerie), and thousands of Air Faeries. The main Uber-Air Faerie serves the Faerie Queen in the Faerie Council, making decisions for The Air Faeries. This chart should help you understand - I have left out some Main-Uber Faeries (put your mouse on the pictures):

The all powerful Faerie Queen!

The Main Uber-Air Faerie! The Main Uber-Light Faerie!

An Uber-Air Faerie! An Uber-Air Faerie! An Uber-Air Faerie!

A Normal Air Faerie! A Normal Air Faerie! A Normal Air Faerie! A Normal Air Faerie!

Understand now? It goes Faerie Queen, Main Uber-Faeries, Uber-Faeries and finally, normal Air Faeries.

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