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Guild News!

The Air Faerie says 'Welcome to the guild'!

Our Guild!


Main Page!
Current Competitions!
Meet the Mascot!

Got a Sweet Tooth?

Then visit the Sweet Factory, my market stall! We sell doughnuts, cakes, chocolates, cookies, and other treats.

Want to Trade?

Visit our trading post for codestones, map pieces, and paint brushes. View my owner's other lots at the Island Trading post.

Want to come over?

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by my NeoHome at 72534 Market Square, Neopia Central.

The Family Trophy Cabinet

ree_bee's brother actually won this for us, hehe. She doesn't really like that game!

Runner-Up at Pyramid Bonus!!
Pyramids is an easy game, huh? It's kind of hard to get a gold one though!

Third Place at Better Than You!!
When the Jelly Chia played the Ice Cream Factory and got a high score, ree_bee beat him to it!

Runner-up at Mystery Pic!!
This is always fun to play. We actually guessed right on Round 113 and won a nice Neopian Globe.

Site Spotlight Champion!!
How unexpected! ree_bee will be so proud!

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