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Our Guild Mascot!

Meet Candy, the Guild Mascot! Candy is a Air Faerie with attitude!

She is the much loved mascot of The Official Air Faerie Guild! But how did we find her? And what's so special about her? Read on and find out...

Our leader, princess_moonraye, was walking down the street, when she had an idea (don't ask how she got it). She'd make a guild about Air Faeries! She loved Air Faeries! She rushed along to the Guild HQ to make one.

So she made the guild, and opened it, but nobody joined. She promised giveaways with big prizes, but nobody joined. She advertised day and night, but nobody joined. She was about to give up, when she passed a big guild with loads of members. They all seemed to be gathering around a tank full of water, and when princess_moonraye looked closer, she saw the tank contained a beautiful Bowla.

The Bowla can suck in water and grow to 10 times its normal size before squirting it all at anything that happens to be near!

On the side of the tank there was a note saying "MEET BOOSHOO - THE NEW GUILD MASCOT'! Then it hit princess_moonraye. A mascot! That would attract people to the guild! But were would she find one? An Air Faerie Doll would be perfect - but it cost too much. Sadly, she left the Guild Building, and began to walk home.

As she walked along the road, she stared at the ground sadly. And it's a good thing she did, because otherwise she might not have noticed something sparkling behind the dustbins. But she was and she did, and went over to investigate.

Lying on the ground, covered in dust, was an Air Faerie Doll. She was dirty, and one of her wings was falling off, but princess_moonraye picked her up and took her home. After she had been cleaned and mended she looked good as new. Then, princess_moonraye noticed something hiding under the dolls veil. She took it out...and gasped! It was a minature Wand of Nova!

The mysteriously magical Candy! A Wand of Nova!  Wow!

Princess moonraye knew then that Candy was magical. She gave her the Wand of Nova, and appointed her mascot. Strangely (almost magically), the minute she became mascot people rushed to join the guild.

And so The Official Air Faerie Guild was saved - thanks to Candy. This is why she appears on the guild banner today!

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