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The Official Air Faerie Guild Website!

The three reasons why you should visit this site:

Welcome to The Official Air Faerie Guild Website! It’s still under construction (as is the guild), but it should hopefully be ready soon!

So what is The Official Air Faerie Guild? Well it’s simple. A guild for Air Faerie lovers! Here you can meet and get to know other Air Faerie lovers, and have fun with our weekly giveaways, parties and competitions! Join now!

At the moment, this guild is still rather new. It was founded on the 7th of May, 2002. And this website started on the 25th of May, in the same year. But don't think just because it's new it's bad, and the prizes for competitions are bottles of sand and tombola junk! Come back!

Phew, caught up with you. Anyway the prizes are not tombola junk. Every week we give away a faerie, yes, a free faerie! And every week we also give away a rare item! Interested? Well then stay!

Click on the links to learn about what’s going on in the guild today, and about Air Faeries!

About Air Faeries! Current Competitions! Meet the Mascot! FAQ!

INFO ON COUNCIL!!!! Click here to learn about them and about voting!