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Are you confused about anything going on in the guild? Then this is the place for you! Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section!

Here you will find answers to questions concerning the guild. If you have any more questiobs that are not up here, then ask a member of the council! Let's get started!

Who made the guilds banner, logo, mascot, etc?
They were made by htmlheaven! She was once a member of the guild but has left now. There is a link to her website at the bottom of the Main Page!

Can I use your graphics on my guild/website?
No, no and NO!!! You may not use any of our guild grapics on your site, unless it is the banner that links to our guild (one at the bottom of the page).

How many cloud points do I get if I donate an item?
It depends on the items :) A hidden tower item will get you about 100 Cloud Points, but you will need to send in 10 bits of tombola junk to get 1!

What happened to the donation shop?
The owner of the shop left the guild.

How do I donate?
Bid on one of princess_moonrayes trades! The money will go to the guild!

Why is the council not being elected? The poll isn't working!
There is some trouble with the poll, it should be up soon!

Can you please give me a rare item? I'm very poor.
No. Sorry, but this guild costs money to run and we all have to look after our own pets!

If you want to link to our guild then put this banner in your neopets shop, or your webpage:

The graphics on this page were made by htmlheaven
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