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The Guild Council

Finally the guild council is being decided. Every one of the membes on the poll will be in the council, but it's up to you what position they are. Now, listen the the candidates speeches and stats:

Applicant: lovababy22
# Of Posts: 1
Date Joined: 05/10/2002
I ADORE Air Faeries and I think that they are the best. I have a really good attitude and I'm not afraid to express my ideas. I also think that this a beautiful guild! These are the reasons why I think that I should be on the council in The Official Air Faerie Guild. Thanks for listening to this!

Applicant: samanthakayjones
# Of Posts: 0
Date Joined: 05/28/2002
I've joined alot of guilds and I finally find one that is the most awsome guild. I have been to this whole time and I know if I apply for a position I have to stay with that guild.

Applicant: nic1717
# Of Posts: 0
Date Joined: 06/14/2002
First of all nobody has the job (lol). Second of all I go to this guild every day so I know a lot about it (and i really want a job).

Applicant: pearly390
# Of Posts: 0
Date Joined: 06/29/2002
I can handle lots of stuff!! And I am a leader!

Hope this helped you people decide. NOW VOTE!!!

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