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In our guild there are loads of competitions that you can win in! There are also cool giveaways! Here you can check out our current competitions, what the prize is, and (when it's announced) who the winner is!

Faerie Giveaway!

Every week there will be a Faerie Giveaway! That's right! One lucky person will get a faerie every week! Also, they will recieve 2 Cloud Points! The winners name will be drawn out of a hat - it could be you!

This weeks winner...

Congratulations to o0angelfish0o! She wins a Earth Faerie and 2 Cloud Points!

Battledome Pack!

One lucky member every month will win a battledome pack containing battle cards, snowballs and cool weapons! The pack will be worth over 1500np!

This months winner...

Hasn't been annouced yet!

Air Faerie Packs!

Once a month some lucky members will get a rare Air Faerie Item!

This months winners...

Havn't been annouced yet!

Weekly Item Giveaway!

Once a week one member will recieve a free rare item! They also get 1 Cloud Point!

This weeks winner...

Congratulations to kennyyau! He wins a Dubloon!

Past Weekly Item Giveaway Prizes...

Bri Codestone

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