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AHS Class of '77 - ¡Somos un Equipo!

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Here is part of the Organizing Committee (photo taken at Isabel Bagnasco's home, courtesy of Mimi)

We have been working hard (and having a blast, too) planning our 25th Anniversary Reunion!

Special Committees

    "Antro" Searching Committee
  • Sergio (Of course!)
  • Lucho

    "Rubberbanding" Committee
  • Ali Zaidi (Chairman)
  • Leonor R.
  • Gary T.
  • Mati B.
  • Lucho
  • Mimi
  • Sergio
  • Barbara ('76)
  • And many more....
    at the Tiendita !
We've started work in different Sub-Committees:

Finance Committee Logistics Committee Events Committee
John Hogan Mimi Isabel Bagnasco
Marcos Kohler Sofía Kanan Marisa Bush
Miguel Noyola Marcos Kohler Ramón Rojas
. . .
Contact Committee Welcoming Committee Souvenirs Committee
Sergio Sato Leonor Rodríguez Lucho
Memo Peña Matilde Betti Frank Cornew
Leonor R. Lucho .
Paul Goebel . .
Communications and Web Committee U.S. Liaison Committee .
Barbara ('76) Debbie Novick .
Mimi Gary H. .
John Hogan Patty P. .
Marcos Kohler . .
Memo Peña . .