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(Only days until payment due date
and days for the Reunion!)

Financial Info

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** NOTE:  This is a copy of the letter printed in Tiendita.Org, a Website kindly provided by Eduardo San Roman.  Thank you Eduardo for all your hard work! :)

 "Ixtapa Update"

The Organizing Committee has been working very hard to make our 25th Anniversary Reunion a spectacular event. 

Coordinating an event like this is difficult to say the least. We would like to accommodate everyone’s special requests but we do have a few restrictions and a few rules we have to follow. Here are the details:

We have set up a special ALL INCLUSIVE package deal with the Hotel Presidente Inter-Continental Ixtapa, for Memorial Day weekend, May 24, 25 & 26th, 2002. This includes tax and tips, all food and beverages and 24 hour room service.

The hotel room rate is 

$2,200.00 Pesos per person, for two nights, based on double occupancy. 

(In Dollars, the rate is approximately $240.00.) 

The rate will vary; depending on the exchange rate on the day you make your reservation. If you would like to make your reservations to include a few days before or after the reunion, the price is $1,100.00 Pesos or approximately US$120.00 per person, per night.

For all of you coming from the US or abroad, we have a few options available to you, in order to make your reservations. 

If you are coming with your family, girlfriend, boyfriend or have already made arrangements to room with someone, or if you just want the room for yourself, we suggest you call the hotel directly to make your reservations. Call: 011-527-553-0018. This is a direct call to the hotel in Ixtapa. Ask to speak to Gricelda Romero, the Hotel Reservations Manager. 

The best time to call is, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Mexico time. You can also e-mail her at:

  Tell her you are with the "Colegio Americano" Group. Triple occupancy rates are also available. Please ask the hotel directly. If you decide you want a room all to yourself, you will have to pay the double occupancy rate.

When making your reservations, you will be asked to guarantee your reservation with a credit card. You will be billed for the number of nights you reserve. At that time, you will be given a confirmation number. Make sure you bring this number with you. Don’t forget it! You will need it at check-in.

Very Important! Once you have made your reservation, please e-mail Mimi Dominguez at: or fax us at 1-815-352-6125 and let us know all the details of your reservation. Name, e-mail address, number of nights you are staying, name of the person(s) you are rooming with, spouse, guest, classmate, etc. We also need to know your arrival and departure dates.

If you don’t have a roommate, yet but want to guarantee your room, you should send us your money here in Mexico. We will guarantee your room and send you confirmation we have received your deposit. Please make checks payable to, "Mark Edward Kohler" and send to the following address:

Mark Edward Kohler
Lienz, S.A. de C.V.
Rio San Joaquín # 345
Col. Ampliación Popo
11480 Mexico, D.F.

Please include the same information as above when sending us your check.

Please let us know once you have decided whom you will be rooming with so we can match everyone up accordingly.


For those of you living in Mexico, please make your deposits to the following account:

Account #: 568786-6
Sucursal: 261

The account is in the name of: Mark Edward Kohler.

Once you have made your deposit, please fax a copy of the deposit slip to Marcos Kohler at 5250-8308. Please include your name, e-mail address, and number of nights you are paying for and the name of your guest or spouse. If you know the name of your roommate, please let us know at this time so we can match you up accordingly. You can also e-mail Marcos at and let him know you have made your deposit. Please include all the information as requested above.

If you would like to make your reservation directly with the hotel and pay by credit card, you can call the hotel directly at 01-755-300-18 and ask for Gricelda Romero or you can call toll free at 01-800-904-4400. This is a toll free call from anywhere in Mexico. Please e-mail or fax us and let us know you have made your reservations. And remember; send us all your information as requested above.

Here are a few other details on the hotel you need to know.

At check-in, you will be given a bracelet to wear during your entire stay. It is important you don’t lose it. The front desk will gladly assist you in replacing any lost bracelet at an additional charge of approximately US$70.00. SO, DON’T LOSE IT!

Daily passes are also available for anyone not staying at the hotel. However, they are limited and subject to availability. The rate is approximately US$70.00, per day.


We are also planning other events during the weekend and parties on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday’s party will be at one of the local nightclubs across the street from the hotel. On Saturday, we are planning a beach party. Venues to be announced later. The price for the events all weekend long is US$150.00 per alumni and US$100.00 for your spouse or guest. Alumni from other classes are also welcome at US$150.00 per person.

Please send this money separately as soon as possible. Please remember this is for non-hotel or travel related expenses. We need money in advance in order to reserve venues for the events we have planned. Please send money as follows:

In the US send to:

Miguel Noyola
130 E. Randolph Drive, Suite 3500
Chicago, IL 60601

When sending your money to Miguel Noyola. Please indicate your full name (No married names please. Sorry!) in order to avoid any confusion in registering your deposit. Also please indicate how many people you are paying for. Please make checks payable to: AHS Class of 77.

In Mexico:

You can send a separate deposit to the same account as indicated above or give it directly to Marcos Kohler or John Hogan. If you send a deposit, please fax or e-mail Marcos Kohler with all your details. Make checks payable to Mark Edward Kohler.

Sorry, no credit cards accepted.

If after all of this and you still have questions about how and where to send your money; you can e-mail us at:

John Hogan:
Marcos Kohler:
Miguel Noyloa: Contact John Hogan for e-mail address.



Webmaster:  Barbara Estrada ('76)