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~Usher's Family~
Here's Usher's Family page! I had the privilege to meet his wonderful mother Ms. Jonnetta Patton at a concert in Chicago in 98'! She's a very sweet lady! Enjoy this page!
This is a protrait of the whole family. Mom in the middle. Of course you know Usher..and his little brother on the other side opposite of him. His dogs are King & Star. I love this picture.

Usher and his mother Jonnetta Patton. Usher, his brother James, and mom Jonnetta at their Atlanta home. Usher and his mom at one of his birthday parties.

Usher's Mom Usher is Jonnetta Patton's (Usher's mom) oldest child in a sibship of 2. Usher was born to his mother October 14, 1978 in Dallas Texas. Unfortunately, Usher's father (Usher Raymond III) left Usher and his mother when Usher was just an infant. Usher was raised (well) by his mother with minimal contact to his biological father. Of course, as you can see, this did not stop Jonnetta Patton or her son Usher. They eventually moved to Chatanooga, TN where Usher's mom directed the church choir and later moved to Atlanta, GA where Usher was discovered by Laface Records. Usher has a very strong relationship with his mother. She is the reason for much of his success because she is a very strong manager to him and also a very strong mother. She led Usher in the right direction to lead him to success. She loves her son so much that she was able to give up her lifestyle to embrace his talent and help him maintain star status. Usher returns that love right back to his mother, he always gives her thanks when he wins awards, she's always in his conversations, she has remained his manager even as Usher transitioned from boy to manhood - HE EVEN BOUGHT HIS MOM A VERY NICE HOUSE IN ATLANTA. Together they own a company, J-Pat Management. They own and manage a buildin (Pop City) which has a rehersal hall, studio, dance stuido, and state of the art musical equipment open to bands and artist who want to practice and create. The bond between Usher and his mother generates love and success.
Usher's Little Brother Usher is the oldest of him and his brother James. James is 17 years old and appears in some of the pictures above. Usher and James have a strong relationship because James is able to look up to his older brother and follow in his foot steps. Usher's success is evidence to James that anything is possible, and that if you think big, hope big, dream big - you achieve BIG! James lives with Usher and often joins him on tour.