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Redonna's Thief Guild

[written on 7 Dec. 00]
You duck into a dark, decrepit building and flatten yourself against the wall, hoping that the officials chasing you do not see where you went. You wrap your black cape around you defensively and try not to breathe.

Silence, then...

You see the guards rush by through the streaked windows. Sighing in relief, you turn to survey your surroundings. Suddenly, a low female voice calls from the darkness.

"Why, hello, /stranger/," she says, stressing the last syllable. "Welcome to The Dragon's Hide, my new thieves guild." A short figure swathed in red garments and scarves steps forward into a small pool of moonlight. She is a halfling, you note. There are various pouches on her girdle, and a thin dagger hangs from her right hip.

"I am Redonna Berlynt. Please, call me Red. Everyone does." She smiles. "I am just beginning my thieves guild here. From your attire and behavior, I assume you are a fellow thief?" She looks at you expetantly.

"Yes," you say carefully, moving slowly toward the door. "I wasn't aware a thieves guild would be allowed in this town."

Red follows your movements, mimicing your steps, edging closer to you. She waves a delicate hand defiantly. "I do not care what the governor says. I make my own rules. I wish for there to be a thives guild here, so I shall make one. And I pity the fool who dares to stop me!" Her eyes, which you briefly notice are a deep green, blaze with purpose. "However, I cannot make a thives guild without the thieves. Prehaps you could be interested in joining? And prehaps you have friends- well, let me say, 'aquaintences' that would be interested in joining also?"

You think of all the thieves that live in this town, that are persecuted daily for their actions. A guild might be a good idea. A base where operations could be set, supplies could be stockpiled and shared, a place where defensive measures could be taken if threatened...
"Yes, it is a great idea. I do have many 'aquaintences' that would greatly benefit from this. I feel sure that they would be highly interested."

Red rubs her slender hands together and grins. "Good! Why don't you go round up your aquaintences and bring them here, then we can get to work on rebuilding this dump." She glances at the walls around her through narrowed, calculating eyes. Then she returns her attention to you. "Come now, be along and gather your people. Once we have all met, then we will begin renovations. Then the real fun begins." She grins again and guides you through the door. "Be quick about it," she calls as you run off.

Author's Note: More will be added to this interactive website as soon as I can find time to work on it. You can visit the common room below, and soon planning rooms, a library filled with thieving books, and more at a later date, so please check back soon. -Archmage Angel

Dusty Common Room