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  Mentalist New York Psychic Mindreader Sebastian Black seemingly has the ability to read the thoughts of a total stranger









Mentalist New York Psychic Mindreader Sebastian Black author of The Intuitive Pendulum and creator of The Heavy Mental Show is now accepting bookings nationwide





You will ask yourself

Does this Mentalist truly possess a sixth sense



Sebastian Black


  Mentalist Sebastian Black is New York's most sought after Mindreader Psychic Entertainer  who thru

 Hypnosis, NLP, Telekinesis and  The Power of  Suggestion,  mesmerizes the audience with his ability to

 predict their actions, read their inner most thoughts and subliminally influence their choices.

Mentalist Sebastian Black uses his skills in the area of Hypnosis, ESP, Thought Projection

and Precognition,  to entertain with the help of the audience.

 Mr. Blacks  talents will provide a very funny yet Mentally Stimulating Evening. 




In each show the audience is mesmerized by the following




CLAIRVOYANCE....Imagine Mentalist Sebastian Black predicting the amount of change in someone's pocket from across the room 

 Or the serial number of a bill in their wallet and the numbers on their drivers license

You simply won't believe your senses



ESP....A member of the audience merely thinks of a celebrity 

Sebastian Black will name the thought of  person



PSYCHOMETRY....Audience members secretly place personal items into a bag and then while blindfolded 

Mentalist Sebastian Black will feel the energy of the objects and be able to determine  whom  it belongs to and 

Tell about that person's life



TELEKINESIS...Sebastian Black concentrates on an object and  will cause it to and move 

then after channeling further energy upon the object 

He will cause it to bend and shatter



1-800-MINDREADER....This is a show stopper ! 

An audience member makes a cell phone call to anyone in another state

 Sebastian Black will predict their thoughts



"For those who believe no explanation is necessary but for those who do not no explanation will suffice"

-The Legend Dunninger







Sebastian Black is the only Mentalist in New York to make the following standing offer.

If anyone can show that Prior arrangements were made with any of the Guests before the performance to achieve a result, Mentalist Sebastian Black will  return the performance fee & donate $10,000.00 to that persons favorite charity.







The Heavy Mental Show is for entertainment purposes only !









A Premonition






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