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The eagle soars highest of all......


Soaring Spirits is owned and operated by literary agent Janet Moreland. The agency is dedicated to the representation of a small number of clients who display mastery in their creative thought, writing of life as it is lived, with all its misery and all its rewards. Soaring Spirits specializes in the genres of poetry, fiction, children's books, fantasy, and biographies.
The mission of this agency: All clients, regardless of current publication status, will be presented to publishers with the dignity to which they are entitled and will be given generous personal attention, from the first query submitted to final publication.
Soaring Spirits also offers follow-up contacts with publishers related to marketing and distribution of published works.

The Original Three Soaring Spirits

Lawrence T. - Charles Adenour - Mausie

Poet and Author, Lawrence T.

Poet and author, Lawrence T. weaves magic spells with his poetry. His most recent work is a volume of poetry entitled "Soaring Spirits and Wounded Hearts". Whether in scenes of bliss or torment, the sensuousness of his work draws the reader into the moment. His poems of love that stayed and love that went its own way are filled with a very personal intensity and sensitivity. He writes of life in a raw, uncompromising style, leaving you to consider the passions of the human spirit. Being of mixed Irish and Native American heritage, he also writes of the daily struggle he endures as a white man in attempting to reclaim the old native ways.

"White Man"

I am a white man,
Yes, it is true.
But do not look at me as your fathers did.
I have the blood of my brother, the Mohawk,
And my soul cries
For the pain I cannot heal.
My heart aches
For the trouble my skin has caused you, my brothers,
But it was not I that did this to you.
See me as me,
As the Great Spirit will see me.

Judge me for my own deeds and misgivings,
For to do less
Would only make you as wrong
As the ones you now

My blood runs as yours does;
My wants and desires are as yours.

I also hear the wind call to me in the night;
I see the eagle as my brother;
The wolf and the bear are my guides;
The raven speaks to me of healing.

And yet, I am without a family
For you have also cast me aside
And called me names that cut more deeply
Than the thorns of the rose.

Yes, I am a white man,
But I am also your brother.

Currently he is busy writing several different novels, one of which is based on his well-loved poem "Familiar Strangers." Lawrence T. is an outstanding storyteller whose work is imaginative and well researched. In the book, which he has titled "Majestic Sunrise", he produces startling action in a most believable setting.

Novelist, Charles Adenour

Charles Adenour published his first novel in 1969. He is a workingman himself and knows of the day-to-day experiences faced by the characters he has created, many of whom are recognizable as people you've met at sometime, somewhere. He has updated the backgrounds for revised editions of Any Highway Some Night, View from a Lonely Room, and Black Storm Raging. Charles Adenour's stories are highly descriptive. Story scenes become strongly visual as the plot unfolds. His signature in his work is visible through the unique ways in which he brings his cast of characters together. In Any Highway Some Night, the characters, most of them strangers to each other, are traveling a course which brings them all together and leads to an unforgettable destiny.

Excerpt from Any Highway Some Night:

".Jan rose up from the edge of the bed and walked to the big picture window alongside the entrance door. The Owens' room was on the first level of the motel and as Jan pulled at the long gold cords, the drapes slowly opened, exposing the clear, bright parking lot across the concrete walkway. One of the most spectacular views of a parking lot a person could ask for! The price was really right.
    'Let the damn drapes stay closed for awhile!' Ernie insisted. Ernie had seen his share of parking lots already, spectacular view or not.
    'I want to brighten the room up,' Jan replied [to her husband], hoping no passerby had heard their arguing.
    'I'm not ready for daylight yet! I may never see the daylight again! Maybe I'll hang myself on the shower curtain or else crawl under the bed and never come out again!' Ernie roared. 'Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll hide under the bed forever, then each night when this bed is occupied by a pair of lovers, I will come out when the lights are low, sit in a corner, and behold--ecstasy! Because that's about as close as I'll ever come to it!'...."

Charles Adenour is currently at work on a novel which is being kept under wraps until publication because of the unique subject matter. Soaring Spirits is eagerly anticipating the arrival of this manuscript.

Poet Jeanie McConnell

Jeanie McConnell is best known to the computer community by her professional name, Mausie. She is a diversified artist, working as a web designer, writer, digital artist and all around talented woman.

Mausie's poetry covers some age old themes, but it is unique because of the way she looks at the world. She is an upbeat person with deep sensitivity to the things that are meaningful in life. She consistently looks into the subject of her poetry and sees much more than what is seen on the surface. Then she delivers it in her own special poetic voice. She most often uses traditional rhyming but at other times uses contemporary unrhymed lines which best illustrate the feelings which have moved her to write. Whether serious or humorous, Mausie's poems will leave you wanting more.

His Hands

strong but gentle
whisper of a touch
cupping softly
filled with light.

blessed with the gift
of creating
works of joy
works of beauty
works of labor.

extensions of his soul
purposeful and wise
seeking to be useful
at any given moment.

always open
never clenched
to friend and stranger alike.

radiating warmth
and love
each gesture a treasure
so beautiful -
his hands.

Watch for all of the Soaring Spirits writers. You, too, will agree that Soaring Spirits recognizes superlative creativity. For more information on these talented individuals, click on the links below.

LAWRENCE T. Mausie Charles Adenour

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