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Henrik Sedin

Position: Forward
Team: Vancouver
Born: 1980
Height: 6-2
Weight: 196
Drafted: 1/1999 (2 overall) by Vancouver
Rating: 10/10

Henrik is a different player than his brother, preferred in some situations, weaker in others. He plays a much grittier game than Daniel, and has a lot more defensive awareness. Henrik is a big, defensively responsible and reliable center...but he still has some phenomenal puck and passing skills. Henrik doesn't have the same flash that Daniel has, nor does he have as good a shot, but he makes up for it by being stronger on the puck and much more physical. His skating is above average but Henrik is still not as fast as Daniel.

1996-97MoDo J 26142236n/a
 Sweden J (EJC) 634716
1997-98MoDo 391458
 MoDo J 847116
 Sweden J (WJC) 70444
 Sweden J (EJC) 65494
1998-99MoDo 4912223442
 Sweden (WC) 80004
 Sweden J (WJC) 636910
1999-00MoDo 509384722
 MoDo (playoffs) 1359142
 Sweden (WC) 72356
 Sweden J (WJC) 749136
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