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StorkClub 4 Ultrasound Pictures

Wendycn at 8 weeks with the upside down easter basket

9 weeks 2 days

CallmeTJ at 10 weeks 4 days

Wendycn at 12 weeks

Nishi at 12 weeks 4 days

missmeg at 16 weeks 6 days

DMB at 18 weeks

Kellyl at 19 weeks on July 5th

newmommy14 at 19 weeks 3 days

Postcardgirl at 20 weeks on June 8th

Wendycn at 20 weeks

Lolly at 20 weeks

Thirdtimecharm at 20 weeks

Bethanne's granddaughter at 20 weeks
Description of what you're seeing in the photo - she's lying on her back looking up. The large light area is her chest and belly (left side of the picture) and on the right is her head - you can see her face pretty well, she's facing up, and her right hand is in front of her face, palm down.

CatKatz at 20 weeks

Elena at 20 weeks

Derrick & Gloria at 20 weeks

Duedate11-12-00 at 20 weeks 5 days

Elenasmom at 21 weeks

Michellehb at 22 weeks 1 day