Here are the pictures that came out of that wild All Saints grad trip up at Mont Saint Anne (Quebec City)!

Shawn Langlois and Liam Sheridan posing Liam, Shawn and Shaun Foley in a bikini
Hannah Skotty, Me, Liam and Bernie chillin on the couch
Daric, Me, Alex Mandy and Matt O.D. rock'n out on St. Patty's day Sean Labrie, Hannah and Kellen Bowes walking home from the bar
Me feeding the very intoxicated Kellen Kraft Dinner Matt,Skotty,Jovana,Jen and Alex wearing their offical signed t-shirts
Liam "the party animal" Sheridan

Me standing at 'Rue. Dick'street sign

Jovana, Hannah and I at the Waterfalls
Skel,Skotty,Matt,Me,Jen,Jovana,Y.Y. and K-lo top the falls

Kellen 'Booze' sleeping/passed out

Me and Hannah Skotty...whoo go X-country (Team Spandex)