The Bottom Level

Ah, I told you to never come down here! It is an awful sight, is it not? These creatures- yes, these *things* are alive. Every once in a while, I am commanded to feed them- a truly gruesome errand. the task of feeding these- things- always falls on me. you see, master Raistlin commands Dalamar to feed them, and in turn Dalamar makes *me* do this...
Oh, let me explain. They are called the 'Live Ones.' Why? Well, let's just say they're much better off than the Dead Ones... ~shudder~ They are master Raistlin's attempts at creating life, but something has gone terribly wrong each time. I have a theory about this, but you must not tell anyone... Promise? Alright.

I think we both agree that master Raistlin is evil, correct? I mean, he *does* wear the Black Robes. Ok, so we both agree. I think that is one of the factors. You know the common saying 'Evil turns in on itself'. Also, master Raistlin is not a god- yet. So he cannot create life like the gods have.

That is just my theory. Do not let my words pass from this room, or I shall see your mouth quieted... permentantly.