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Tower of High Sorcery, Palanthas

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My prayers go out to all my fellow americans and allies. May God grant comfort to our victims and swift justice to our enemies.

Welcome brave adventurer! I am apprentice mage Alsalantha Half-Elven, studying here at the dark tower in Palanthas. I consider myself lucky to be here with master Raistlin and his personal apprentice Dalamar. Most everyone ignores me here at the tower, as I prefer the shadows... not that we've had many visitors. The Shokian Grove keeps out most people, although we did have a cleric in here recently... Think of that! A cleric in this dark place.
Dalamar is not here to guide you, so I shall help you if you need anything. Dalamar is helping master Raistlin conclude a dangerous experiment.
Oh, did you hear that explosion? My, I hope they're alright.
But anyway, please remember that I am still new about the tower and still unfamiliar with it's hidden depths. A warning: do not venture to the bottomost level... it is a painful, frightening place. Oh, and be careful of disturbing master Raistlin; he can be very curteous or very snappish, depending on how his experiments are going. And beware of Dalamar; he is much like the master, with just as sly a tongue.

I have recently been kept quite busy as a 'fetcher' for master Raistlin and Dalamar, so if you need anything, call. Someone- or something- will hear you.
Also, I recommend you go to each place as in order as listed below, i.e. the study first, then Dalamar's room, etc.

Master Raistlin's Study/Greeting Room
Apprentice Dalamar's Room
Apprentice Alsalantha Half-Elven's Room
Master Raistlin's Laboratory
The Bottom Level