If you have any issues with the sending of the trivia emails, please, let me know! Just drop me an email at JOSEPH937@aol.com

To Join - Or Leave - The Trivia of the Day Game:

Same as before, just send me an email asking to join or leave at JOSEPH937@aol.com

If you go a month without answering any questions, I will send a note asking if you want to leave the game. If you don't respond to that note within one week, I will remove you from the game and stop sending the emails. I will then delete your address from the list, so you don't have to worry about being left on.

Personal Information:

I need your email address, obviously, to send you the questions and answers. And the ONLY personal information I ask is a name to use for the rankings list. You can send a nickname if you want, that is fine. Or some people just use the first part of their email address (the part before the @ symbol.)


I DO NOT sell or trade your email addresses, to anyone, for any reason. Except for emails relating to The Trivia of the Day Game itself, we will not send you unsolicited information, commercial offers or advertisements, including e-mail. (And there are NO ads within the regular e-mails themselves.)

There is one minor exceptions: the ANGELFIRE site that I use to host The Trivia of the Day Homepage sometimes has ad or pop-up banners. Nothing I can do about those, as the ANGELFIRE site is free for me to use, and those ads come along with it.

Cookies and transmission security:

We do NOT track the number of hits on the various pages of the site, and we do not track where specific people go and we do not use or send cookies.

Note that we don't use encryption, so it is technically possible for someone to intercept the messages you send. Why anybody would care to do this, I can't guess, but it is possible, I suppose.

If you think we have not complied with this policy, please LET ME KNOW!