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'Diary of a Space Tourist'.

Space Holiday.

This is my girl. She never likes having her picture taken.

I rented this little moon for the weekend. It was a long flight on our space yacht but not many people come out here. It's considered resource poor. So we pretty much have it to ourselves.

We can see the Jovian shipping lanes from here. Well, the really big Starships gravbreaking into orbit or setting out for neighbouring stars. Sometimes. At night those blinking lights are kind of comforting. Reminds me of when I used to watch satellites as a kid. But this is better. Every time I see one of those pulsing lights I know I'm looking at thousands of people.

Against a beautiful backdrop like the Saturnian rings it's a humbling testimony to humanity. It makes me feel as if there is nothing the empire of humanity can't overcome.

"Come on!"

My Orion girl wants to go prospecting. I better get going soon before she starts pouting again. Who knows? Maybe the geologists missed a few nuggets.

I read on the net that there is talk on Europa of something which could arguably be life. Since the civil war news from that world has been a little unreliable. Scientists can't make up their minds but everybody is terribly excited my Europan friends tell me.

Will probably trigger another bio-rush. Companies clamouring to stake a claim on alien biology again. That means I might not get another break like this for quite some time. Better make the most of it.

I was hoping to go flying tomorrow with my new glider. Only just bought it yesterday. The markets are one of my favourite places to visit on any world. I can probably sell it back for a little more than I paid anyway. You know what they say. One mans rubbish is another man's treasure. So many tourists about now. Seems like more everyday.

Hey! I'm a tourist. Or am I? I keep forgetting. Maybe I'm turning into a spacer. Funny, but I haven't really felt homesick in a long time. Haven't even reflected on my old life. Writing back home to my surviving relatives has lost its charm. I just never seem to write about anything that I can make them understand.

Like zero gravity. People ask if its like swimming underwater. What can I say? It's nothing like that. To freefall is the most exciting rush imaginable. Yeah, sure terredweller. It's just like that. Swimming.

I don't feel comfortable hearing about earthly crap either. It's all so far away and irrelevant to what's going on in this part of the system. Boring too. Earthers think they are the centre of the universe and they aren't. I hear that everywhere I go and I'm starting to believe it.

Oh hell! Forgot to pack the sled in the car. We were going to check out the big sand slides on our way home.

Stop recording.